Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tentative steps

Yup, I've at least started running somewhat regularly again, if not exactly following the schedule I made for myself.  Perhaps even better, I've managed to go running in Marin!  Granted, I called out sick (not sick at all!) to do it, but whatever, who's paying attention to the finer points?  Not me, not me.

I just got it in my head to take a "mental health day" and called out sick to work Saturday night.  I slept super late, like till 7pm, took myself out for a nice dinner, and then long about 10pm I laced up my sneaks, strapped on the lights, and took a jog through the Marin headlands.  I'm definitely getting the hang of running in the dark, which I started doing about a year ago (much to the unease of my friends).  This night, some of that unease (you can't run at night, it's dangerous!  you'll get attacked!  ahhh!) crept into usually oblivious me, and I kinda got a little freaked the first mile or two, thinking about people hanging out behind bushes just waiting, hoping . . . Esh, after that I didn't worry about it much and had myself a very slow, very chilly, but ultimately very satisfying 5 mile trail run.

I ran the next day, too, another new-to-me trail run near where I live there, through town and up a big mountain.  I kept it to just under 4 miles, but am glad to have found this spot (thanks, maps on my phone) as it eventually leads into the huge network of trails Marin has to offer, and is only about a mile of street running from my little room.

Two little runs, not much to crow about, but at least when I look back on February on my running calendar, there's actually some runs there.  Added to the week before, I've actually got some consistency there.  Huh.

And, yay, Pam!  Thanks for the comment!  Loving you, and thanks for sticking around!


Lauren said...

It's so good to get back. Congrats to you! My family & (non-running) friends hate it too when I run in the dark. But sometimes, you gotta do whatcha gotta do. Good luck on future runs!

Stuart said...

Road ID and a decent head torch will become your good friends!

Welcome back!