Monday, April 4, 2011

Some things

Yay! for running.  I feel like I'm really back into it now, making my milage (sort of),  running to a schedule, running in Marin (wow!), just enjoying the whole thing.  The month of February and part of March was kinda like, Eh, I guess I have to go running.  Lately, I've been way more into it and enjoying running again.  I feel as though I've fully recovered from my ITB injury (which I am convinced happened because for one run only I ran on a really cambered road, and no other reason.  I will stay away from such roads in the future, and hopefully will never have ITBS again).  Now that I'm starting to put down long-ish (over 6 miles) runs again, my bowels are dis-remembering how to function while running and, oh, yesterday's run? 5 miles.  4 port-a-potties.  3 poops.  Jeepers.  Hopefully they sort themselves out quickly.

Yay! for Crossfit.  I started this high-intensity strengthening program 3 weeks ago, and it. kicks. my. ass.  Due to my wacky schedule, and the fact that this shit is pricey! I have only gone 2 times a week.  So far, this is plenty.  Some classes I can get through relatively easily, meaning that whilst I am inevitably the slowest person in the class and have to have a number of exercises modified to make up for my complete lack of upper body strength, I can, in fact, complete it and go on with my day.  There's been two classes so far (emphasizing upper body strength, natch) that have floored me, leaving me weak as a kitten, trembling and ready for a nap.  In one hour.  Very powerful stuff!  I'm totally into it, and am learning to lift weights and do all these other exercises that will strengthen my core and upper body (as well as lower body, which is pretty strong already).  I really like the variety and the intensity.  This is NOT for the faint of heart, and I'm really enjoying the challenge.  Even though, like I said, I suck hugely at this (no surprise) and am the only weak, jiggly middle-aged woman in the class.  But they all had to start somewhere, and I can only get stronger and improve.  I'm ready.  What HAS been a surprise, though, is that since I started attending I HAVE GAINED 8 POUNDS.  Now, I assume that this is muscle or whatever, as I don't feel any heavier, and muscle weighs more than fat and yadda yadda yadda this I know because I actually weigh more (like, 10 pounds more) since I've really been running a lot (say, the past 2 years) even though I am thinner and clothes fit better, etc., etc., etc., but holy shit! I weighed myself this morning and (Tom, don't read this!) ZOMG!!! I weigh 158 pounds.  This is a huge number for many reasons, not the least of which is ZOMG!!! 158 POUNDS! (I'm 5'7", medium frame), I've never NEVER weighed so much in my life! and, WOW!  That's just, big (for me!).  The other big reason this is a huge number is (and this is totally tongue in cheek, well, 90% tongue in cheek, you know) TOM weighs 158 pounds, most of the time, and I long ago decided that I. Will. NOT. weigh more than my partner, no way no how.  Been there, done that, and I coulda squished him (AND I weighed like 140 at the time, so he was just a skinny little fuck). (OK so Tom just went in to the bathroom and with clothes keys and shoes on he's bringing down 162.  But I weighed myself naked this morning, so.)  We have always had a running joke that once I outweigh him, that's IT and we're done, 7.5 years together notwithstanding.  We have reached that point and oh!

Boo!  for 158 pounds.  Now, obviously, I'm joking in the preceding paragraph.  He won't leave because I outweigh him (will you, honey?), no no no.  BUT!  Some kind of rubicon has been crossed and I need to get my shit together., weight and health wise.  I continually think, Hey! I'm a runner dammit!  I can eat whatever I want because Hey!  I'm  runner dammit!  and now I'm about to top the scales at 160 so, now, NOW something's gotta give.  Yeah, it's just a number, and, It's how I feel, and, It's how I look, and, It's how my clothes fit, and, [insert platitude here] and . . . I'm sure that's what a lot of people have told themselves on the way to 200 and beyond.  So I've reached a point where, gasp! I'm considering a diet/no bullshit self-assessment/habit change.  I generally eat well, but have terrible snacky habits and drink an astonishing amount of Coke.  I eat late at night.  I eat way too many carbs.  I'm ready to start to think about changing this.  I've started researching some options.  I should have some kind of plan together soon.  I'm ready to take stock.  Change is a'coming.

Yay! for plans.  Big news!  I am taking 6 weeks (6 weeks!) off from work starting May 9.  I need to reset my slightly burnt-out brain (after 10+ years in Emergency Medicine, I am just starting to feel a little bit frayed), and am hoping this will do the trick.  Tom has to go to Switzerland on business, and I'm tagging along with him.  5 days in Friborg (mostly alone for me, as Tom will be working lots of long hours), then we are heading to . . . Greece for 10 days.  I'm thinking a day or two in Athens, and then The. Greek. Islands.  Oyes.  We are planning on spending time on two islands, I just haven't quite figured out yet which two.  Any suggestions?  After which, we'll return home and I'll have another 3 weeks to chill out some more.  I'm planning on running a lot, and sleeping a lot.  Not much more.

May 9 can't come fast enough.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

What Garmin tells me

In the past 30 days, I've run 12 times for a total of 60 miles.  Average pace around 12:00.  3 days a week.  Definitely getting on track after the minimal running in the preceding months.  I'm getting used to paying attention to my pace now, and -- wonder of wonders -- I am just beginning to watch my pace fall a bit.  So I *just now* looked back at some random runs from last month, and the month before, and the year before and -- I am surprised, but Gary don't lie -- my pace is pretty much the same.  A bit more consistent from run to run, but pretty much the same.  I'm surprised because it feels different, I think maybe I'm getting . . . not faster but stronger?  (dunno how I can say that directly after my last post, but whatever).  The past two times I've been in Marin, I've done the un-doable . . . I've actually ran, instead of just hauling my running bag back and forth like I have done the past, oh, year.   

I am getting there.