Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gettin' Wood

There are signs that winter has finally left Truckee, and summer has arrived (I dunno about spring this year). Time to put away the skis, program the sprinkler system (both on my chores list), put away the down coats (but don't bury them too deep). Another way you can tell winter's gone? We are starting to think about winter again. Specifically, restocking the wood supply.

Every year, Tom and I obtain a permit to retrieve deadfall wood from state forest land. Last week we hit the fire roads, looking for the elusive motherload. We found a stash of freshly cut (last year?) de-limbed trees that were apparently downed for a new (possibly improved) powerline that was remarkably close to both the fire road (a few couple hundred feet) and our house (couple few miles).  Jackpot!

I'm a Lumberjack!

Actually, years and years ago Tom and I came to the mutual conclusion that one endowed with such abject klutziness physical talents as myself really shouldn't fool around much with power tools, nevermind ones that can really mess you up.  

Ergo, the actual cutting of the wood fell to Tom (he's a handy kinda guy), while I busied myself marking the trunks at 16" intervals (I did my intervals today!), hauling the wood around, taking pictures and sussing out other fallen trees.

We spent the afternoon working, and procured a little over a cord of wood.  Tomorrow morning we're at it again, aiming for a total of around 3 cords.  We then purchase a cord of hardwood to round out our selection, and then . . . let it snow.

About 1/4 cord


Pam said...

Yeah. I'm not allowed to play with big-kid toys either.

funderson said...


Also, do you all make dorky "wood" jokes the whole time? Those are Wild Bill's favorite and never seems to tire of "I'm playing with my wood" one-liners...