Friday, July 9, 2010


Forgive me, readers, for I have sinned. It's been a ridiculously long time since I've blogged.

I've gotten over it.

What've I been up to? Well, finally, it really truly is summer 'round these parts, and it's about time. I've definitely been out and about and enjoying the weather and all the things that go with it. I guess I could go on and on and try to fill in all the blanks between my last post and today, but I'm on my phone (in the car! on the way to another adventure!) and that's just too fiddly. So, here's some random photos of the missing weeks (happily, I've been running aplenty!)

A few weeks ago Tom and I joined some good friends and headed out to Huntington Lake, CA for a sailing competition, class racing on Hobie Cats.

I spent much of the time running, and found this gem at the turn around point on one of the runs:

Rancheria Falls

(at least on the phone, I look like I have HUGE boobs in this pic! I do not)

Of note, Tom came with me on this 6 mile out and back, he hiked I ran and (at least on the uphills) we were about evenly matched. 'nuf said.

We all put on our sailing hats took a turn at crewing during this multi-race regatta and, lo and behold ...

... we won our class! I was certainly surprised!

We came home, I ran a bunch more times.

Lots of it here, tons of trails about 1/2 mile from my front door.

Weeks passed. The past 2 days we spent out and about with the mountain biking group over in Downieville -- mt biking Mecca an hour or so northwest of Truckee.

They all road, and I did some serious trail running. Mind you, while I've been gone from this blog, I've been running lots and lots, and (surprisingly) LOTS of hills. Like, I've probably averaged a thousand or so feet of elevation gain per run in my last, oh, 5 runs or so. Downieville blew that out of the water.

First run was something like 7 miles with over 2,300 feet. Also, lots of bear poop,but also this idyllic little spot that I will return to the next time I find myself here:

Seems like a nice place to spend an afternoon!

Yesterday I shuttled the riders around the Lakes Basin area, and took myself out for a run.

Lotsa lakes ...

and some super-technical single track. It took me well over an hour to run 4 miles -- 600+ feet gain in 2 miles is challenging for sure, especially with supertricky footing.

The run was way finished by the time it got stormy, but check out these clouds:

Anyhow now Tom and I are headed to sleep outside again somewhere tonight, and will be taking a tandem ride with friends

I hope to get caught up with google reader one of these days, I've got like 600 posts to read. I've been lazy with my online existence but OMG summer!!



funderson said...

summer freaking rules! Thank God I have a desk job and keep up on all ya'll : )

ShutUpandRun said...

Dang lady, those are some huge boobs. Must be a good angle for you. Glad you are enjoying the great outdoors...

Pam said...

Can you teach my camera that big-boob trick? I'd like to have a rack like that in my photos too!

After your bitch of a winter, you DESERVE some outside summer goodness!!!

Stuart said...

Summer fun for sure!

600, shit, I thought I was bad with 300!

Formulaic said...

Awesome pics (and not just the boob one!).

Beautiful pictures.

Runners Fuel said...

You have ran lots of miles with lots of elevation! I love finding "secret" waterfalls. I hike to a lot of them. They're great!

Iron Mike said...

Those might be the best pictures ever.
Worth the wait.

RBR said...

Welcome back! Gorgeous pics and great runs! Woo hoo! Bogg's Mtn here you come!