Monday, June 15, 2009

She lives

I can't seem to really be consistent with this blogging thing, but since I'm really only doing it for my own amusement I guess I shouldn't be too worried.  If anyone is actually reading this, well, thanks for sticking around.  I am amazed.

Anyhow, I have been ramping up my exercising, but am in no way really "training" for the DLT. I have no doubt (well, not much) that I will be able to finish, but I haven't really been on it in terms of training and really getting physically ready -- I'm just kinda doing what I feel like doing as opposed to following any plan -- this could very well end in some kind of disaster, I guess. I am running and biking somewhat consistently (better than I've been doing on this blog, anyway), not doing too much with swimming. This will probably come back to bite me big time. I don't know why for this race I have been so lax, when usually I am all about the plan and the calendar and the scheduled daily workout. So if you're interested in seeing what happens when you take a (extremely) mediocre "athlete", throw in a little half-hearted training, and then have 'em race a really tough and hitherto unexperienced oly tri, well, just stay tuned!

I haven't totally dropped the ball, though.  I have dusted off the wetsuit, and went for a paddle in the waters of Donner Lake.  It was a little chilly but not too bad with the suit, and I was pleased to find there's plenty of swimming to be had right along the shore where it's only a few deep, thus in my mind ok for me to swim by myself.  I think there's miles of 'coastline' that fits this description, and I'm ready to get out and explore.

Just not the most flattering thing to wear.

I've been trying to run consistently, meaning, over 15 miles a week.  My longest run so far (in the past few weeks) has been 7 miles, and I was ok with that, but think I should get in several 10+ runs before this race.  In the plans!  

A few new things have happened on the running front.  I have joined a local running club that Tom heard about, and am totally psyched about this development.  I have yet to run any runs with them, but they apparently meet pretty consistently over the summer for lots of medium distance trail runs at some of my favorite locations.  My first foray with them will be a 4 mile run (and race!) over at Martis this thursday and I'm looking forward to (and, conversely, dreading in a weird way) meeting and running with some other people.  This will be a completely new experience for me, as running to me is a totally solitary thing and I really can't imagine how it will be in a group, hence the slight dread.  I think in the end it can only help, and I am curious as to how it might impact my "training."

I've started incorporating more than just "running around" into my runs.  Yes, I have started hill repeats!

. . . and it felt like I was gonna die!  I ran up this hill 5 times, ever so grateful when I got to walk back down.  Though I did not enjoy the actual activity, I feel that it is probably incredibly beneficial for me as a runner, as hills have really been my nemesis, though I am improving.  I fancied I could feel myself get stronger every time I did a repeat.  I've tossed a few into my runs here and there, and will try to incorporate such little exercises really regularly.  I have also threw a few fartleks into the mix as well.

I am definitely enjoying myself on the bike, and have noticed some real improvements over a relatively short period of time.  I did the Boca ride again on Saturday, and knocked a full 5+ minutes off of my time!  We started from a slightly different place than the 2 rides before, so I'm not exactly sure, but definitely faster than before.

Here's me with L and D just after completing the ride -- there were 2 other folks along for the fun, but not pictured.  I originally met these new friends through Tom's mt biking group, and they are so much faster than me (natch) it takes my breath away!  Gracious to a person, they cheerfully put up with my slow ass with no complaints.  This is such a bonus for me, to get to ride with such a fast group.  Whilst I am invariably the slowest of the bunch, the way I look at it that's the slowest of a *fast* bunch, therefore if I were to ride with some slow people, maybe I'd come across as fast?  This is what sustains me!

D took this random photo of the sky -- we get some great clouds in Tahoe!

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