Monday, August 24, 2009

*sheepishly re-entering the blogosphere*

So I'm not really sure what happened. I finished the DLT in all my back-of-the-pack glory, looking forward to my next training schedule, then I just . . . stopped. Stopped running, swimming, biking, exercising and, subsequently, stopped blogging too. I'm not sure why. I've finished other races before and sort of stopped doing things for a day or a week, but pretty much gotten right back on the horse. This time? Nada. I couldn't have been less interested in even the thought of getting off my ass, never mind giving much credence to the thought that I do have some races in my future and maybe 2 regular readers to this blog (hi Tom!). I managed to keep up with the Underground Race series through my little running club ( a little run every other week) but other than that didn't even feel GUILTY about not doing anything. That's a little odd for me, because even in the depths of my laziness there is usually a part of me that's like, you lazy good-for-nothing yadda yadda yadda. Lately? Sure, read a book, sleep late, read blogs (and not even comment!), what was that running thing? Eh, who cares?

Well, finally that cloud of indifference has lifted. I did my usual thursday night run with the running group, and for whatever reason suddenly I'm interested again. I've been to the gym, (at least thought about) spin classes, did another WONDERFUL 5 mile run yesterday, am off to the gym again after I finish this and, potentially best of all, yesterday had a conversation with a woman I had briefly met once before, and she wants to become my training partner for future tri's! We're swimming tomorrow. She is a self-professed slow, lazy athlete (time will tell if she's as slow and lazy as me), though she is apparently quite the cyclist. Hopefully we can motivate each other when we need it most.

So no long race report about the DLT (I suffered on the swim, suffered on the bike and suffered on the run, came in damn near last, and was happy about the whole thing, ok?), no blog posts or much of anything for a month, mustof gained at least 5 pounds, have neglected myself and my blog and god knows how I'll get in shape for the Marin Tri (which I boastfully said I would be 'totally ready' for, ha!) and I still expect that the throngs will be headed over here to Back of the Pack to find out what I'm up to. Deluded much?

Anyhow, what I'm up to is this. I am back on the wagon with regards to what passes as my 'training', hopefully am cultivating a relationship that may turn into a fun workout partner, I'm still a contributing member of my awesome local running club, and the next thing on the horizon for me is a quite low-key sprint tri in September. I will try to keep up with blog reading and blog posts. I will run bike and swim.

I am still on the path.

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