Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Yesterday I met up with my new friend and training partner T and we went swimming at the kinda ritzy Tahoe Donner Clubhouse. I am really psyched to connect with this woman, who really seems interested in doing some tri training together. She's a total newbie and intimated that she was probably as slow as me. Well, that ain't the truth as she fessed up to running a 25:30 5k last year, thinking that was slow. I had to readjust her thinking and let her know what "slow" really is. Also, she rides with Tom's mt bike group (and in fact this is how we met) so she must be blistering on the bike. On the swim she was faster than me but not embarrassingly so. I am so psyched to find someone to play with!

We swam for maybe 40 minutes, I didn't really keep track. It was probably the most structured swim workout I have done (I *really* lack structure) . . . we'd swim a 50, then use a pull buoy for 50 (I think that's what it's called, the thing you put between your legs so you don't kick -- obviously my first time using this thing), swim 50, use the kickboard for 50, repeat repeat repeat. Using the pull buoy was probably the most enlightening exercise, because it really highlighted the sloppiness of my stroke -- I am all over the place. I could really do with a swim lesson, I think. SO much room for improvement.

We then sat in the hot tub for a half hour, which is a classy way to end a workout, one that must be replicated. We seemed to get along well and are psyched about future workouts, which -- as socially inept as I am -- is something I'm really pleased about. We have both signed up for the Celebration of Life Women's Sprint Tri in September, and suddenly I find myself motivated again.

I've been doing some casual running here and there, and have started to step up my visits to the gym. If this keeps up, soon I will be back on a schedule of some sort. Tom's off to Europe soon, and I'll be on my own for three weeks -- I think I'll try to be really really focused and physical during that time . . .

Oh, and ChicRunner is having another fabulous giveaway. I'm doing my part!

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Kelly said...

Swimming for 40minutes?! You go. I hate the bouy thing. One exersize you could try that I did with my "class" was: Take one length of the pool and swim with only one arm. That's right, keep one "tied" to your side. I found I had to breathe different but it really works out your arms. You won't hate not kicking as much when you have to swim lop-sided!

Yay for motivation!