Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cold! Cold! Cold!

Do you use the trick "Oh, I'll just force myself to run for 15 minutes, then I can quit if I want to"?  I use this little mind game all the time, just to get myself out the door.   And then those 15 minutes roll around and you're out there and everything's fine and Boom! there's another 10 miles under your belt.

Today, I got to that 15 minute mark and threw in the towel.  It was 39 degrees out and I thought I would be just fine with my usual minimal clothes . . . well, I've certainly learned the importance of The Wind Chill Factor.  I think I had way too much surface area exposed, and got myself pretty damn cold.  Hence, my 7 or 10 mile run turned into a paltry 2.5.  I did not feel at all bad for cutting the run short, though, because otherwise I think I might have been dealing with chilblains or something if I had continued.

There's snow forecast for tomorrow, which means skiing! in the morning, and then I'll probably mishmash some indoor track with some treadmill and try to get some milage in for the afternoon.  I'm still planning on reaching my 24 mile weekly goal.


MJ said...

boo cold! yay snow!! We get caught off guard here if Fl with the cold. One day (today) it's 75 out, forecast for Friday: 34! Wtf??

Marathonman101108 said...

Cold, cold, cold sucks, sucks, sucks! Hey, we've all had to cut a run short. As long as we're OK with it mentally, which you are, then it's all good! Better than becoming a human popsicle.

ShirleyPerly said...

Actually, I don't use that 15-min trick as I'm not running much these days so every run counts. But I do know about wind chill, esp. from riding a road bike. A 20-30 mph wind (which you create by moving through the air fast) can easily make temps feel 10 degs colder. And going hypothermic can be dangerous. Better safe than sorry.

funderson said...

Get some pants, woman!!!