Friday, February 19, 2010

I'm blaming it on the Olympics . . .

. . . my utter lack of constructive movement, that is.  Really, here it is Friday, and my sum total of activity for the week has been 1 yoga class, 1 morning skiing.  This is NOT how to train for a marathon!  I easily justified losing a day or two of running to my work schedule, and being a little unduly tired from it ("Oh, I'll run tomorrow after gettinzzzzzzzzz . . . . ), but this level of laziness is approaching ridiculousness.  Yesterday Tom did manage to pull me up to Squaw for a morning's fast skiing (haven't had any snow for a while around here, so the runs are packed out hard), during which I talked about going out for my 3-day-overdue 6 mile run, and an evening yoga class . . . after which I came home and went immediately to couch and Tivo and Olympic speed skating (which I oddly find absolutely fascinating), snowboarding and downhill.  I barely managed to rouse myself to cook dinner, never mind running or yoga or anything constructive.

So, as one of this blog's main stated functions is to hold me accountable, I hereby state it's time to get off my fat ass and fucking DO something!  Today's goals are the same as yesterday's, ie. that damn 6-miler dangling over my head like Damocles' sword, and another go at yoga.  Do some cleaning, shopping, prepare something to eat that requires more than opening a can.  Put on some clothes that don't just slip on.

If I do some all of the above, I can reward myself with an afternoon of Olympics.  I gotta keep caught up on that Olympic stuff, because tomorrow I'm joining the mountain bikers for a 13 mile ride/run.  As this is an actual plan, requiring meeting other people, I know I'll at least get this done this week.  That's a day away from home and Tivo, and about 6 more hours of coverage from Vancouver, so I've got to Be. Ready.  Plus, there's lots of biathlon and whilst I know that's even less popular/watched in the US than speed skating, I find it even more fascinating.  At least, every 4 years I do . . .

If I type it, I gotta do it.  So there.

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