Friday, April 16, 2010


I was scheduled to run 12. I decided to run 20 (I am terrified of my upcoming marathon). I actually ran 16. Very, very slowly.

Half a mile away from my sister's, way over there on the east coast, is the Norwottuck Rail Trail, 10 miles of glorious recycled tarmac bike trail connecting South Amherst and Northampton, MA (I'm a little curious, 'cause the "recycled" part is glass bottle particles, visibly mixed in, and I just wonder how that works with the round rubber parts of those bikes).

Pretty damn pretty.

I went out looking for 20, really quite convinced that was going to be the outcome, then pffft. I just wasn't feeling it. I dunno why, cause seemingly everything was in place, nice weather, easy route finding, new things to look at, but. Eh. I squeezed out 16, at 3:30.

I did not love running. However, this 16(!) miler *barely* affected me physically. I was a little sore for an hour or two afterwards, then .... it was just gone. No biggie. I didn't even wear the recovery socks.


Lisa said...

Nice trail. I need to discover some new places to run. I resort to the same paved trail because it's walking distance from my house. It gets old after a while.

OK, so today is the 16th. I wonder how long before we hear if we got into the Nike Half. I'm excited. I hope we get in. There might be 5 of us if we are selected :)

Marathonman101108 said...

Wait! Are you still in Massachusetts?! If so, how much longer?? Damn, girl, I'm in CT and so would drive up there to run with you, especially on that trail. Let me know, OK? Oh, and nice job with your run, BTW!