Friday, April 23, 2010

Ooogy photo in here!!

I made it back to the left coast, and am glad to be back home (well, at least Marin, but I'm getting closer). After sleeping for 4 or so hours on the plane, I arrived here to my little room and proceeded to sleep for ANOTHER SIXTEEN HOURS. I dunno what precipitated such a long slumber, but it sure set me up nice for last night's night shift!

I woke up this afternoon and headed out for a little four miler. There was nothing much noteworthy about the run itself (I think I averaged 12:00 or so), but about a mile in I was running on the sidewalk on my way to a trail when a police car passed (not even lightsandsirens) and I'm all Oooooh, something shiny! and next thing I know I'm flying through the air in the familiar Oh Shit! position, arms out legs back Splat! I am no stranger to falling down and I'm used to rolling with it, rolling down the trail once or twice, dusting myself off then getting on with it.

Reason #47 I prefer trail running to road running: pavement is wicked unforgiving ...

Ouchie!! It hurt like a son of a bitch for about a minute or so, then I picked up my dignity (who am I fooling? I have none!) and carried on. It doesn't hurt, but I know it's gonna leave a big frickin scab. Lovely.

Oh, and I got in to the Nike Women's Half Marathon in October with Lisa (I'd throw a link in but don't know how with the phone, she's over there on the sidebar). This will be a kinda milestone race as it's BIG (so far i've just done little races, mostly), something I actually might be READY for (might I actually do some speedwork in training?), and I'll run it WITH someone, which will be a big step for a recluse runner like me. Thanks, blogosphere!


MissBrightside said...

YEEK! That looks painful! I am totally jealous of your 16 hour, that must have been heaven :O)

Lisa said...

Ouchie is right. That looks like it hurts. If that were me I'm positive I would have broken a bone. That's just how I roll :)

Yay for the Nike Half. I'm super excited and plugging away on training plans. There will be three of us as the other two girls didn't register. That's ok though because the three of us are about the same age and the other two were young 'uns :)

Hope your knee is better soon.

Pam F. said...

My, what a pretty new battle scar you have!!! =)

ShirleyPerly said...


I've had my fair share knee scrapes and road rash from running & bike falls and they are never fun. Hope it scabs over quick so it won't stick to things as much or sting when water hits it.

Good news about Nike, though!

Formulaic said...

Its a good thing the photo is there. I was so focused on how blissful 16 hours of sleep would be that I almost missed everything else!

Take care and enjoy the scab. Guys dig chicks with scabs (right??)

Still waiting for that recipe!