Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dear Blog

I've thought of you often in these past few weeks, really I have.  Oh, the posts I wrote in my head!  The pictures I took!  The times I mentioned Oh! I'll do a blog post tonight!  You haven't been far from my mind . . . but you have been far from actuality.  I've neglected you, tossed you aside in the pile marked "Later," trading you in for summer fun.  Oh, you poor, poor blog.

I will make it up to you.  I will post, and post some more . . . maybe even two days in a row.  OK, maybe not, but I do promise to get better.  To try harder.  To remember all of my wonderful readers, who are no doubt shaking their heads, wondering Where O where has Bootchez gone*?  (prolly not, y'all know I'm a lazy girl, but still . . . )  I'm off now to go for a run with a 73 year old woman (god, I hope I can keep up) and think I can get a post up about the last few weeks' adventures by tomorrow or thursday at the latest.

Next year, I will just state right out that I'm taking the damn summer off from blogging.  That way I won't feel guilty.

OK, I don't feel guilty, just lame.

*One place I HAVE gone to is Words with Friends.  Takers?  Look me up, my user name is Bootchez . . .


funderson said...

ha! crazy girl...the 73 year old running buddy is bloody brilliant!

MJ said...

never fear, my blog has been pushed aside this summer too. I'm sure when winter holes us up we'll be back to obsessive blogging. :)

Iron Mike said...

Don't feel guilty or lame.
Unless your blog actually responds.

Stuart said...

OOOOH WWF!!! I am all over that!