Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cold continues!

What's in central Nevada? Who knows? Very much of it is empty, beautiful open space, with an occasional razor-sharp road. The rest of it is Area 51, and we all know what that means.

Little green men!

The Little AleInn (with lots of accent marks, especially over the "e") in desolate Rachel, where we got a couple of BLTs on styrofoam plates, and looked at pictures of real!flying!saucers!

We carried on up north of Hiko, with visions of petroglyphs and long runs in our heads. Take heed, though, of portents in the sky:

Well I guess it's Red Sky in the MORNING sailors take warning, but as Tom so aptly pointed out just now, sailors (and he and I) should be on their toes all of the time, because while we were sleeping the (14 hour!) night away in the truck cave, snow happened!

Can't find petroglyphs under 6 inches of snow, nor can a girl do her planned 15 miler (I think it takes a while for them to plow long, isolated dirt roads in these parts!), so we're off to southern Nevada, to the awesome-sounding Valley of Fire! Named, I believe, for the very cool rock formations and NOT the temperature, but it's bound to be a little warmer. Right?

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Terri said...

Sending warm thoughts your way!