Friday, March 18, 2011


And I totally went on that shopping spree . . . my friend Debbie and I went to an upscale consignment shop, Target and then Macy's, I dropped a wad of cash (mostly at Macy's, natch) and got all kinds of cool clothes, came home and readied for donation three garbage bags full of ratty clothing (nearly every item I owned).  Now all I have left is new, much nicer stuff.  My closet hasn't looked so nice in years.

I never did The Great Race (the 30km skate skiing adventure).  The night before and day of the race was warm and rainy rainy rainy, perfect conditions for a really sucky skate ski.  I'm not that committed.  I bailed.

The Ladies Night Party?  Was a blast!  Few (publishable) photos exist, but here's a blurry one of me before all the hoopla started:

My hair (a wig) was about a foot tall!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Glad someone can appreciate my stories about clogging toilets! Love the outfit!

Windnsnow said...

Didn't I just see you in Vegas? Mind you you look a lot better than those that I did see!

funderson said...

That wig is ADVENTURE!!