Wednesday, March 30, 2011

There's a warming trend in town, so maybe someday we'll see the yard again.  It is melting fast and furious around these parts and soon all the snow will slide off the roof.  Hopefully, this year it does NOT take out half of our walkway.  I think we'll have snow in the yard well into June.  Let's say, June 7th is the last day there'll be appreciable snow in on the ground at our house.

Two big changes on the running front.  First, and perhaps the most interesting, is I am picking up my pace a bit.  I have never paid much attention to pace, except mostly in an after-the-fact kinda way.  Or, having a glance at the Garmin, I'm running that slow, really? realization in a very idle way.  While I am NOT laying down any even remotely quick miles, I AM paying more attention to how fast I am going.  Not that I'm necessarily succeeding: each of my runs these days has a given pace, though I find myself using that pace as a suggestion rather than a mandate, and I'm averaging about 30 seconds slower than my "goal" pace.  Overall, though, my running speed has definitely improved over the past month.  I'm much more consistently averaging a a sub 12:00 pace.  Seems like it, anyhow.

I don't know where I intend to go with this.  I can't imagine ever going out to run a sub 4 hour marathon, or anything even approaching that.  I guess I'd like to think that maybe I could trot out a good 5 hour one, though, and finish strong and easy.  Maybe I'll pick a nice pace and learn how to just churn it out, hour after hour, and be solid and consistent with that.

The other big thing is that I am finally managing to run while I'm working in Marin.  These five days, every other week, have always been my Achilles heel.  I always chose sleeping or reading or just not moving for a while over any kind of run in the midst of working a whole lotta shifts.  The past two times I have been there I have gone running, and no, it hasn't killed me.  So I don't know why I've had such a hard time in the past.  I feel much better for banging out those runs.

Another thing?  I seem to have forgotten how to blog, or at least how to write a funny ol' post.  Jeepers.


Lauren said...

I chuckled a few times -- especially the line, "I'm running that slow, really?" Oh, how I can relate! I sometimes feel like I'm flying, I gotta be running an 8 or 9 minute mile and I look at that dang garmin and it's 11 or 12 something : )

funderson said...

We're finally melting a bit today too! Hooray! Dirt and I will be soon reunited. I miss you dirt..
They posted the date for the Goblin Valley race 10/29/11. Not 100% sure yet about signing up, but there's the date to ponder. I'm starting to feel like I may never run again. Stupid non-painful knee.. It DOES seem to be getting better, but now I'm afraid to start up again. Geez, I sound like an old lady....