Thursday, May 7, 2009

Another dry season

I've been doing WONDERFUL with my postings as of late, yes? I just cannot seem to get this blogging thing down . . . how do those guys do it? I dunno.

Mexico was great, my spanish is improving, albeit very very slowly, the weather is warming, and I have exercised hardly at all. Perhaps that is the reason for the lack of posts?  

Anyhow, I have GOT to get my shit together and get out and do some runny bikey swimmy stuff, or I will never be able to pull off this Oly tri (which I have already paid for) in July. I have done almost nothing in months and months and months. Is it even possible for me to complete this thing, given this late date (and remember, just crossing the finish line, even DFL, is considered a WIN in my head)? I am just getting ready to get out and jump start this thing, ergo the blog post I guess. I have no idea whatsoever what I am doing with myself these days . . .

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