Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I'm feeling like I've finally returned to baseline -- back to normal after medical issues, etc. I think for sure all of that is behind me, and I feel like I'm my normal self again. Hello, self!

So yesterday I went for my my first run (yeah, it took a week, but I'm always very slow to get back in the swing of running, and I know it'll be another 3 weeks or so before I start to actually look forward to and enjoy runs. Until then, I know it will be a struggle with procrastination and highly inflated suffering). It went well, I ran 3 miles on the Martis Creek road (which was pretty much bumper to bumper with dogs and their humans -- and literally lined with little plastic bags full of poop). I took one maybe 2 minute break in the middle (thanks for the autostop feature, Gary the Garmin), and finished in a wheezy mess. I have certainly lost some of my conditioning, but don't think it'll take too long to get it back. This is my beginning. Gary tells me:

Mile 1: 11:19 (aren't I the eager one?)
Mile 2: 13:00 (reality check)
Mile 3: 12:36 (back to the barn)

3 miles, 36.55, I can't complain.

This morning I posted my entry form for the Donner Lake Tri, so I guess I am committed. I have roped my friend Andrew into joining me in this endeavor, thus securing myself a training partner for the next few months. He also posted his entry today. To celebrate, perhaps, we went off to the pool for a swim. I really didn't pay any attention to how much I swam, probably the usual (for now) 1/2 mile. I did, however, time myself using the pool timer -- I don't know that I've every really paid attention before, even when I was swimming more frequently. In any case, my time for 100 yards, swimming at a moderate, easy pace (read: what I always do) was 2:20, measured twice. I have no idea where this falls on the spectrum though I suspect it's probably pretty slow.

I haven't really done much measured biking, so I don't know where I am with that discipline, but at least this gives me a starting point for the run and swim. It'll be interesting to me to look back on this in 3 months or so and see what improvements I have made, if any. I have yet to sort out a training plan, but will follow something relatively strict when I get back home after my trip. Until then, it's all about building up my endurance and strengthening my baseline.

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Marcy said...

I think that's the BEST named I've heard so far for Garmins! Yet it's so simple! I love it! Gary the Garmin hehe.