Thursday, March 26, 2009

Getting there

First: Physical Therapy.
My PT guy and I have pretty much definitely come to the conclusion that my knee pain is a result of hamstring tendonitis more than IT band friction, and have crafted an exercise recovery plan based on that.  I have bunches of exercises that I have been ok about doing, and today he added some more.  I have been going to PT for just over a week, and already feel some improvement (not that things were that bad to start with).  I have responded very well to PT the one time I went in the past (for tendonitis in my hand) and seem to be responding well this time.  Actually, I love it . . . some little bit of exercise, then massage and that ultrasound machine.  Yeah, I could be a PT whore, given the chance.  Too bad the PT prescription generally follows an injury; I would just like to randomly go for the attention.

Second: The Swim.
In the interest of being a good girl, I took it pretty easy at the pool today.   700 yards, in 100x increments with generous rest periods in between, no flip turns, no attention to time.  Maybe the whole thing took just over 1/2 hour.  I felt I could have gone longer (if not a whole lot faster).  I'm thinking of trying a Master's Stroke clinic, maybe when I get back from Mexico.  I do NOT think I am anywhere near joining the Master's class, but I have never had a swim lesson and think I could benefit greatly from a little critique.

Third: Life.
I work a very set schedule, and have worked the same weekend with the same people for years and years.  Much to my outrage, my weekend has been changed.  I threw plenty of temper tantrums and stomped my feet and dragged my heels when I first found this out last week, but have decided acceptance and moving on are what I need to focus on.  So I pretty much have.  One big result of this unwanted schedule change is my entire race plan of 2009 will have to be rethought and re-planned.  I was able to secure the weekend of my A race (the Donner Lake Triathlon) off, but all of the other races I have planned are now undoable.  Again, I pissed and moaned about this for longer than I would like to imagine, but really should look at it as an opportunity.  To that end, in the next few days I'll hit the internets and find whatever races fit into my new schedule, and will post that revised list as soon as I have it together.  

I just finished my first stretch of work since surgery, and got back home yesterday after 5 12-hour night shifts in a row.  I slept lots yesterday but am still super tired today, and think most of the day will be spent sleeping some more.  I do love to sleep, but am usually not so spent after the week of work.  I slept horribly while working, and am paying the price for the lack of sleep now, with no energy and Tom says I just look exhausted.  So, I feel good for having gotten some activity today, but am switching right back into lazy mode.

However, tomorrow, I RUN!  For the first time since early February!  I am ready!  Or, I will be, once I sleep another 12 hours . . . 

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Wiggs (The Beholder) said...

I'm glad PT is working for you! You're smart to take care of that early.

Also: you should DEF take the stroke clinic. People who have never been competitive swimmers experience HUGE improvements from a little coaching on their technique. When I was a coach, I could spend an hour with a new swimmer and get him or her to drop astounding amounts of time from their swims.

Sorry to hear about work!