Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Setbacks and frustrations

It's getting warmer out, the snow is melting (until the next big dump, anyhow), it's light out until 7pm (and that's the most awesome thing this time of year) and I am beginning to get super frustrated. I had a very minor little surgical setback which means I am back to no activity (like the trainer or the swim) at least until next Monday when I see the surgeon again. This is just lousy lousy lousy. Granted, I wasn't doing a whole hell of a lot, but I was enjoying what I was doing and now, pffft. Nothing.

On a brighter note (sure), I have been having some light but constant left knee pain for a few months -- no real big deal, if I weren't a runner I would probably just shine it on. However, I know that in a few short weeks/months I will start training rather seriously for the Donner Lake Tri and other races, and wanted to get it checked out now rather than 6 months from now when it is really bad, so off to yet another doctor yesterday for an evaluation. Diagnosis? IT band friction. Now, I'm relatively happy about this, as it seems it's a common enough affliction and reasonably easily treated and managed and I guess it could have been a lot worse. The doc said both my knees are very stable and show no signs of ligament or tendon injuries, but I am quite specifically weak on my left leg and the ITB is the reason why. So, today I am off to . . . physical therapy! for 4 weeks! And I assume I'll learn how to dance with one of those roller tube thingies that everyone hates so much.

So I guess a few months from now I'll be all nice and solid and ready to rock my training, but right now I am sidelined, super frustrated, and feeling like an old lady watching those young 'uns running around.

Plus, now what the hell do I blog about?!? I didn't run yesterday, didn't swim today, won't bike tomorrow . . . how exciting! I guess I'll post my recipe for golumpkis and other regional delicacies until I can actually do something once again.


Chic Runner said...

Oh let me know how the wriststrap works out! :) Thanks for the link!

Marcy said...

Awwhhhh sorry to hear about the setbacks. Never easy dealing with injury :-(

Runner Leana said...

Oh no! Sorry to hear about the setback! It must be tough, but rest up and you'll get back at it. Good thing you caught the IT band early too. Hope you are better and back to exercising soon!