Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Gently, gently, gently . . .

I guess I am back in the swing! I made it to the pool and really enjoyed myself. I swam 800 yards, alternating 100 yards of breaststroke with 100 yards of kickboard, finishing in about 40 minutes. Super slow indeed! I really wanted to do more (like, um, actually swim!) and/or faster, but took it all really gently and slow, reminding myself that I do, indeed, want my temporarily-delicate insides to stay where they are supposed to.

I think it will be an interesting journey over the next few months to see how I do staying within my doctor's guidelines. Now, I have a lazy streak a mile and a half wide (maybe it's more like a lazy highway than just a streak), and part of me has, if not enjoyed, than tolerated rather well the last few weeks of imposed inactivity. It's NICE to have justification for sitting around watching reality TV at 2 in the afternoon. Having said that, I am starting to get itchy to DO SOMETHING! and I have a feeling this desire is going to get worse as time goes by and the weather gets warmer. I'm already wondering if 3 months of limitations really means 3 months, or just 2 months and change.

To that end, at the pool today I saw a flyer for a training program for the upcoming Donner Lake Triathlon. It looked really awesome, complete with track workouts, swim lessons, all kinds of biking classes, lots of clinics and group runs and rides and swims. 16 weeks for $300. My only concern (despite the medical ones) is that I will be in Mexico for most of April (trying to better my lousy spanish) and will thus miss the first 4 weeks. I don't know what kind of deal breaker that might be.

In any case, I dropped them an email outlining some of my concerns, and guess that I'll see what they have to say. It sounds really intriguing . . .

So, I'm glad to have at least gotten my feet wet at the pool today, and am looking forward to more slow, gentle workouts coming up soon. I think I'll get my bike set up on the trainer in the morning and give that a spin, too. Running is still a few weeks off.

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