Friday, March 13, 2009

More swim, more bike . . .

I'm getting a bit of a rhythm going, finally. Yesterday I was back at the pool, swam 1000 yards in 100 x's. I mostly did breaststroke and a few with a kickboard. I couldn't help myself and did a few hundred yards freestyle, but very relaxed. I couldn't feel anything bad or different or anything telling me I shouldn't be doing that (except the voices in my head, you know who you are), so I felt ok with it. It felt really great to swim again, and I had forgotten how relaxing swimming is to me. I don't think I am pushing it too much to be swimming overhand, as long as I keep my effort and intensity minimal (that I can do!).

Today I was back on the trainer and whew! what a workout that can be! I had the bike in the lowest gear and the resistance set to low and it was still a big effort. I did half an hour at a slow, steady speed and that was enough for me. I got the cadence sensor all hoooked up and synced with the Garmin*, only to find out that about 60 rpm is about all I can manage at the moment. Even that got my heart rate up to 150. I am out of shape!

*I've named the Garmin "Gary" . . . the obvious reason being the happy alliteration. Mostly, though, it's earned that name because years ago I was stalked by a man named Gary and, like him, the Garmin knows everything I do -- happily, without the scary creepiness factor. (And Gary, if you're reading this (o please no!), just because you didn't actually break anything when you entered my locked apartment through the window while I was sleeping doesn't mean it's NOT "Breaking and Entering", motherfucker!) This footnote was inspired by Chic Runner, who also thinks this story is hilarious. I know, right? Time + Tragedy = Comedy, yet again!

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RBR said...

Yay for biking and running! You are a trooper for riding on the trainer .I hate the damn thing!

My Garmin doesn't have a name. Well, other than 'F&%*ing liar'. :o)