Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dearth of Posts

For so many reasons there's been a great lack of posts here lately.  I HAVE been running, though, and have lots to talk about.  I especially want to do a post about a great run I did last week on new, unexplored trails.  I ran in Marin, too!  I'm off to Bikram Yoga this morning, and hope to finagle a (real) post sometime later today.  Unlike previous instances, in which I've dropped the blog for months and months, this is merely circumstantial and there IS more to come!


Lisa said...

Good to hear from you... was wondering where you've been.

I looked for more half marathon's in the time frame we talked about but can't seem to find any in a location that is midway between the two of us. Maybe we can plan it for another time of the year??? Would you be interested in entering the lottery for the Nike Women's Half marathon in October?

Stuart said...

Come back when you can, we'll be here!