Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hiatus, woot!

Sorry, readers, but this blog will be a litle sketchy in the coming weeks (perhaps moreso than the past few weeks!), but for a good reason -- in about an hour, I am leaving on a Road Trip!  Yay!  The truck is packed up, and Tom and I are headed out for another feast of exploration.  Nevada, Utah, Death Valley, Southern California -- so many deserts and hot springs to be found and tasted (so to speak), plus a Half to be run.  I'll be mobile posting on the go from the phone or whatever internet access I manage to stumble on, but it will probably be a little sporadic.

Thanks for hanging in there!

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Anonymous said...

Oh I'll miss you! Have oodles of fun, take oodles of pictures and try to post from your phone like everyday, even if it's just a blurb about how you just saw somebody pass gas infront of Krispy Kreme ... because those are the BEST road trips and I'm looking forward to virtual roadtrip from you :)