Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring in Tahoe: The bright side

What an awesome day of skiing!! Without a doubt the best day of powder skiing that I've ever experienced. I'm finally figuring it out. Right now we are having lunch and bloody marys, then I'm trying for another winter triathlon, so I'm looking forward to hot yoga and a medium length run. Then I'll prolly die.

Have a great day!


Lisa said...

Brr, looks cold to me.

On a different note, I was given a group ID for the Nike Women's Marathon (another blogger emailed it to me). I guess if you want to run with someone else you need to register together using the group ID so that you are both guaranteed registrations, otherwise one person could get in and the other not.

Soooo, I can email it to you if you want. I'm having second thoughts. This is a hilly course and I'm nervous about that.

The blogger that emailed the group ID to me says she runs this race for fun. I get that but this would be my first half and I was hoping my first half would serve as a benchmark for future halves after that.

***Sigh*** What to do...

funderson said...

amazing! powder in spring...nice

Formulaic said...

For whatever reason, I could not post a comment on your winter triathlon post.

You did awesome out there. I would hate to see what I would look like on powder, groomers or anything involving snow and speed!

Not a good combo for me (unless we are talking America's home video)!