Friday, March 5, 2010

This should be interesting . . .

I've had a tough time of it since my last post, crazy shit at work affecting my head, then MORE crazy shit . . . Monday night I came down with what I thought was food poisoning (thanks, hospital cafeteria) and spent the night in one of the rooms in my own ER (not as a patient, though, thankfully!) puking into a bucket for 6 hours.  Lovely!  Then I drove home and proceeded to, well, run off at the other end for . . . days and days and days!  It has not abated.  This last bit makes me think it's NOT food poisoning (sorry, hospital cafeteria, but you DO suck!) if only because of the (still undetermined) length of the illness.  Seriously, it's time to stop, now.  I've barely eaten a day's worth of food in the entire past 5 days, due to lack of appetite and the peculiar phenomenon of experiencing the passage of food through my entire digestive system in, oh, about an hour flat.  Hello again!

So my new kicks are untested, and I've barely left the house in 4 days.  No running, no yoga, no nada.  For almost a week and a half.  What's in store for tomorrow?  Besides more Pepto, Lomotil and/or sporadic adherence to a BRAT diet?  Some (more) rest? IV fluids? a diaper?  the slightest hint of embarrassment at my delicate condition?

O, no no . . . I've got the Bidwell Classic Half Marathon to run, and I plan on being there.

Most of the usual Bootchez Racing Conditions have been met:

I'm travelling to get there Chico is about 3 hours from home.

I'm woefully undertrained Actually, I'm ok on the training, but have experienced an extreme taper, kinda like I did with the Marin Triathlon and hey! that worked out ok.

I have someone to go with me  Usually this is Tom, but this weekend it's my friend Debbie, she of the mountain biking group.  I asked her on a whim last weekend if she'd like to go, she said yes (yay!), and now it's turned into a whole Girls Runaway Weekend, and who knows what we'll be doing but we're not coming back until Sunday.

My only goal is to finish  I might have previously had a goal for this race (PR?), but given my physical state and lack of food intake as of late, just being able to finish will really be an accomplishment.

There's a high probability that I'll shit myself  Granted, this has been less of a problem recently than it was when I first started running a few years ago.  If the activities of the past 3 mornings are any indication, however, whatever portapotty situation this venue might provide will definitely be inadequate for my needs.



MJ said...

awwww...poor thing. Man, I hope you get feeling better before the weekend. If there is one thing I can't stand it's a stomach virus. Keep hydrated! Don't push yourself to PR this weekend, be content with finishing. If it's any condolence I came down with a cold that turned into a nasty sinus infection this week. I have a race to run tomorrow and was really looking to impress with a new PR (my family thinks I'm a turtle lol), now I'll be lucky to reach the finish line....or start line. My only goal: Don't come in last!!

Best of luck and feel better hun! :)

MissBrightside said...

Girl you have the Norovirus!!!! It is rampant here on the East coast! I would say 2/3 of my patients are n/v/d. You are also super contagious for about 3 days after you are feeling better. You should stay home with an IV drip and the BRAT diet...watching the Real Housewives marathon :o)
Feel better soon...and sanitize your surfaces!

Lisa said...

You're seriously going to run in your condition? You're hardcore!

Read your comment on my blog re the Nike Marathon. Seriously, you want to do it? Ok, well we will have to register as a group beginning on 4/5 and than wait for the lottery to see if we get in. It's a pricey race - $115 for the half. It's steep but the bling is nice :) And I hear crowd support is amazing.

We'll keep in touch about this and in the meantime maybe I can round up so more people. I think Rachael is running Bidwell. Maybe if you see her you can talk to her about it.

Anonymous said...

Rachael was not running Bidwell ... Rachael came down with the exact same virus as Bootchez, except I milked it for all it was worth and decided that driving the hour and half to Chico for a 5K that might completely suck just wasn't worth it ... Kelly is way more crazy then I ...

Sorry I couldn't be there with a Xanax and a butt bag ... sounds like you may have needed one ... or a chuck. I hope you did well and had a great finish (I don't want to say run ...)

I threw up my shrimp a few minutes ago. Yah.

funderson said...

Bummer! You'll probably rock the race just never know. I've given up trying to figure it out...Good Luck and feel better fast!!