Monday, May 31, 2010

Sunday running

My longest run this week is supposed to be 5 miles.  Yesterday I went out and did 6.5.  Certainly, this over-achieving will NOT last.  This run, though, it was hard to stop.  I ran about a mile on the roadto get to the 06 fire road, gateway to trail-o-rama.  I am elated to put the pavement (mostly) behind me and get back to wonderful, wonderful trail running.  While I was busy not running, the snow melted and the ground has reappeared.  I feel completely rested and everything just came together and felt . . . correct.  

This was what I'm lately calling a "recovery" run, which by my definition includes plenty of dwaddling about, pee stops, little bits of walking and sightseeing and lollygagging for a sip of water.  And pictures!

This may or may not end up in next winter's woodstove.

Looking down 89 and the Truckee River towards Squaw.

Mule's Ears poking through the ground!!

Amidst all my dwaddling, I did 5 110 meter hill repeats.  I am planning to take hills very seriously in the near future.  This was a nice little introduction.   I really liked it (once I was done, anyhow).


Stuart said...

Sounds perfect!

Anna said...

Those are the best runs. Glad you had a good one! I took about a week off after my half marathon and definitely struggled to get back into it.