Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Still here

I've stayed true to form and done my usual vanishing act after a big race (at least this time I got a race report up before said vanishing, a big improvement!).  It seems like for a week or two I just don't care.  I can't really be bothered to run or blog or do much of anything.  Apathetic is the right word.  I've been very apathetic as of late.

That'll have to change, however, because Saturday is the High Sierra 20 mile "Fun Run" . . . I don't know what kinda thing I'm getting myself into when 20 miles is considered a Fun Run.  Aren't those supposed to be like, 5K's?  The other races going off that day, and the headliner events, are ultras -- a 50K, 50 mile and a 100K.  I chose this race because I thought it might be a good introduction into UltraLand.  I'll just swim in the shallow end of the Fun Run, and get to watch and meet some ultrarunners without having to "dive in" to the deep end quite yet.

Not that the shallow end is all that shallow.  This is a 20 mile trail run, at altitude, with something like a 2400' elevation gain.

Mile 5 to mile 12 is going to be, um, challenging to say the least.  I am not an accomplished hill runner, though by virtue of living and training in Tahoe I'm probably a little more hill ready than I give myself credit for.  At least the altitude won't affect me as much as it might other runners.  Last but not least, I have a 15-hour time cut-off, so even I should be able to haul my slow ass around the course in time, even if I have to walk it.  Well, I know I won't have to walk it, but I'l bet you there'll be more than a little walking from 5-12.  That's a LOT of elevation gain!

I have barely run since my marathon, just a mile or three here and there.  This strategy (train for races by NOT running) seemed to work ok for Reno, so I'm assuming that I'll do just fine in this race, too.  I like to think of it as Building Up Strength more than Not Running.

Monday we received at least 6 inches of new snow.  May I remind you it is the middle of May!  I want to run on trails, in the sun, on the dirt, from my front door.  Until this happens, I fear I'm going to sulk around, bitch at the snow, and avoid my runs.

Ooh, and then maybe 2 months of warm weather!!

::I'm really down on living in Tahoe at the moment.  I will get over this when the snow melts from my front yard.  Loving Tahoe by June, hopefully!  (If there is still snow in my yard June 15, I'm gonna have a big damn fit!)::

Oh yeah, and here's a question.  There has been a bit said (comment section) about my choice of breakfast on race day (though in retrospect I'm leaning towards blaming the clams I ate the night before, I know, I know), and now I'm all Well, what the hell should I eat?  I'm a terrible eater, I skip breakfast every day, hate the taste (even the thought) of food in the morning, but have learned that empty stomach + race day = FAIL.  Conversely, most food + race day = shit shit shit.  I thought I had found a happy medium with a McD's/7-11 egg muffin things, but the consensus is bad bad choice.  I know that everything affects everyone individually, but . . . What do YOU eat before a big race?

Welcome to all of my new followers and subscribers on Google Reader!  I sure appreciate you all stopping by!


Pam said...

Holy baby jesus in a manger!

That's one hell of a climb! At least it looks like it's literally all downhill from there.

But I'll tell you what... Saturday, YOU go run 20 miles and I'LL go hop on a plane to Cabo San Lucas and we'll see who has more fun. :P

ShutUpandRun said...

Just remember no clams the night before and skip the 7-11 eggs in the morning. That is some crazy elevation gain. I'm sure you'll do great.

Sarah said...

I'm more mystified by clams than I am by the 7-11 eggs! I eat a bagel with peanut butter and some tea before any run over 5 miles. Anything less and I have an english muffin and I take my chances with a cup of coffee. Before my half, my stomach was too upset to eat anything other than a plain bagel and I only made it through half of it. I think drinking Coke is a great idea though!

That is a crazy elevation map! At least it's all down hill after 12!

funderson said...

bagel or toast w/ peanut butter and tea...have fun with that hill, just think about how great your butt will look..

Stuart said...

Go out slow and ease stop 50k!

ShirleyPerly said...

That does look like a super TOUGH course!!

As for breakfast before a big race, it's actually not different from what I eat every day: 2 bagels or 4 pieces of whole wheat toast with some peanut butter, a banana and a 2-cup mug of coffee. I'm someone who eats mainly to perform well, not really because I like the stuff, and this seems to work for me. I have to eat about 2 hours before any race, though, which is a pain as that means I have to get up even earlier.