Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Am I going to hunt prey? Run a 50 miler? BQ?

No, none of that.  Well, not yet (the 50 miler is next year's goal).  I'm not going to suddenly become competitive in my age group, train for a sub-4 marathon, run blistering track workouts or wear a running skirt (I don't know what THAT has to do with anything).

What the hell do I need a coach for?

I've been asking myself the same question ever since I originally had the idea, about 6 months ago.  I certainly don't need a coach.  I'm not a talented runner.  No matter what I do, how hard I try, I think the best I can ever be is mediocre.  I've been running now for 5 years; it's not rocket science.  We're made to do this.  Put one foot in front of the other.  If you want to run fast, run faster; run long, run longer.  Eat well.  Drink consistently.  Prepare to get your poop on.  Change your shoes regularly.  Wear good socks.  Don't increase distance by more than 10% a week, or distane and tempo together.  Run regularly.  Wrap your toes in duct tape to prevent blisters.  Tuck and roll.  Take rest days.  Cross train. Listen to your body.  Keep moving forward.  If you just want to go running, really, I think this is all you really need to know.  It's all I know, and it's served me just fine.  I run road, I run trails, I run mountains, I run flats, I run 5ks and marathons and ultras, I run in sunlight and darkness and have run (mostly) pain free, and recover quickly when injured.   I've read a ton about running and have it dialed in -- I know what works for me.

So, what the hell do I need a coach for?

Well, I don't need a coach.  But I want one.


Well, what if?  What if I ran consistently, and followed a training plan?  What if I didn't roll back over and go to bed when I didn't want to go for a run?  What if I ran paying attention to pace?  What if I run at a pace that's uncomfortable for me?  What if I hit my target milage?  What if I'm accountable to someone other than myself?  What if I really have a good base of fitness?  What if I toe the line of a race and know that I have adequately trained for it, instead of doing just enough to get by?  What if I stop calling myself a loser?  What if I expect more of myself?

What am I capable of?


For three months, I'm going to try to find out.  I need help doing so.  After three months, I very well almost certainly may go back to my just-get-by lazy ol' ways, because hey! it's worked for me so far, and I think it's pretty awesome that I'm a runner at all.  But for three months I just want to see what I can do.  My goal is simply to be consistent, and serious, about running.  That's it.  No massive changes, no I'm gonna run sub-10 miles, no crazy track workouts.  Just be steady, and challenge myself a little.  Within that consistency, challenge and dedication, what am I capable of?


Stay tuned.


Rose said...

This is exciting. I've had the same thoughts, the what ifs. Plus, it would be nice to hand over my training to someone else, make them think about things, keep track of this.

So, I will be living vicariously through you for these next three months.

Windnsnow said...

This isn't like, one of those kinky servant and master-type things is it? You have been hitting that henna a little hard of late!

Goals are fine, sometimes a little daily whip and loathing helps keep those goals meaningful. Good luck.

Tricia said...

looking forward to following along

Stuart said...

Sounds like a plan to me, this sounds like proctology training; sometimes we just need that size nine up our ass just to see!

Oh and have you choosen your 50m for next year yet?

Pam said...

ooooooooo FUN! :D

misszippy said...

You never know until you try, right? I hope it works out for you.

Iron Mike said...

Worst case scenario, you have to change the name of your blog.

Dani- danielleislosingit said...

Ha ha to Iron Mikes comment. This is all true stuff. Most of us never live up to our absoulute potential.