Sunday, February 20, 2011

Is this thing on?

Ahem, yes, hello there.  I'm back.

There has been so much stuff going on!  Let's get up to date, shall we?

Guess what?  It's been snowing in Tahoe!  Endless sunny days for six weeks, lovely but not the best for a ski town, sunny sunny then this week? Snow. A shitton!  Like, something like 6 feet(!!) in three or four days. It stopped snowing, finally, sometime Saturday.  So. Much. Snow.  Shovel shovel, snowblow, ski in powder up to my chest, my chest you guys!, shovel shovel, snowblow, repeat repeat repeat.  What a week!

Our front door.  It's there, somewhere.
(from the railing in the distance, the ground is about 12 feet down)

The view from the sliders to the side deck.

Guess what?  I've been running.  Running running.  5 miles at a stretch.  A couple times a week.  Painlessly.  I have not had knee pain in weeks and weeks, and today was Officially Discharged from PT.  I'm back!  I'm ready!  I'm running!  And I have some really wacky news in the running department, something one really wouldn't expect from me, totally out of character, something that really rocks my socks.  Something you can read about in the next post.  

Meanwhile, I've also been trying to master (in my feeble, feeble way) skate skiing.  I'm starting to get the hang of it, just a little bit, and hopefully will not implode when I debut my skills at the Great Ski Race 30K on March 5.  It'll be an adventure!

Guess what?  Remember my henna party?  I got totally inspired (in a very different way than Tom did, but that's besides the point) and decided right then and there that this was something I needed to learn more about.  So I got myself some henna and a couple of weeks ago I did this on Tom's shoulder:

And I thought, hey! This is cool!  And I read some more and got some more stuff and learned a little bit more about the whole technique and last night I tried out all of my new skills on myself.  Here's me with the henna paste still on my skin (it took about an hour to apply):

I taped it all up for safekeeping, then 10 hours later removed the tape and the paste and here's my dyed skin:
It should get darker over the next 24 hours, and lasts a couple of weeks?  We'll see.  I'm really intrigued by this henna thing . . . I think I'm going to henna everyone in reach!


Ewa said...

OK, where do I start? Oh, congrats on running. This is really good news.
Snow in Tahoe, love it. We are going skiing in a few days. Can't wait.
Henna. Love the designs. Now do you buy a regular henna, like the one for hair coloring? Love the designs. Much better than tattoo, you can change is often enough.

Pam said...

WAHOOOOOOO for painless running!

Now I'm dying to know what your big running news is and I'll have to wait another month before your next post to find out.


Lauren said...

Congrats on pain free running (my ultimate goal, so far so good in 2011). Awesome pictures of the snow. Can't even imagine. Love, love, love the henna legs -- I have got to do that!

Yeti said...

I am glad your knee is ok. Keep running!
I totally "dislike" your snow pics, or maybe I am just jealous bc I will miss most of this white stuff this year?!
Henna is great, how about putting one big ass yeti on my back to scare my wife a little bit? Sounds like a plan?

Windnsnow said...

Glad you are back on your knee. I also like the Henna stuff, especially the blue, Avatar legs. LOL.