Sunday, January 4, 2009

2009 Race Schedule

Here's a tentative list of races to run in 2009.  There were lots of races I was interested in, but with my every-other-week work obligations and my scheduled 3 month downtime in late winter/early spring, I've had to pass up a couple that I thought looked good.  So:

June 20 "A Legendary Run" 10K, South Lake Tahoe
July 19 "Donner Lake Triathlon" Sprint vs. Olympic (???), Truckee
August 15 "Nirvana Mt. Trail Run" 10k, Northstar, Truckee
September 12 "Run for Friendship" 10k, Nevada City
September 27 "Lake Tahoe Half Marathon" South Lake Tahoe
October 11 "Golden State Triathlon" Sprint (criterium!), Sacaramento
Hopefully, the Death Valley Borax 1/2 and Full marathon will be scheduled sometime in December

I definitely want to do more, but this is what I came up with today after spending 1/2 hour internet searching.  I'm sure more races will become evident as time goes by.

Concerns:  I'm a little hesitant about doing triathlons again -- do I want to be a triathlete or a runner?  I'm definitely more into running these days, but I do find the whole crosstraining element attractive.  Will I have enough time to train for the Donner Lake if I decide the Olympic length?  How long does it take to get my running legs back after a 3 month hiatus?  Should I be thinking *seriously* about a full marathon?  I think I'd like to try my hand at duathlons, but can't seem to find anything close by that fits the schedule.  Lots of travel for races?  Maybe . . . .

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Runner Leana said...

Those all sound like really interesting races! There isn't anything that says that you have to be either a runner or a triathlete. You can do both! I have to say that my running has improved so much more now that I'm biking and swimming though, so yay for crosstraining!