Friday, January 2, 2009

Dark and Stormy Morning

T had errands to do in Reno, so I thought it would be great to get down there where the weather was warm, calibrate my new Nike+ sensor at the track at UNR, you know, a nice gentle run in gentle weather.  Well, there I go thinking again.

It was a BRUTAL run, certainly the worst weather I have yet run in.  Cold, windy, rainy and quite miserable.  Did I mention cold and windy?  The wind was definitely the worst.  I set out with a 9 mile run in mind, but ended up capping it at a little over 5.  *I* wasn't particularly cold, but my skin was, and by the time I finished, my arms and hands just weren't working right.  

I've still been harboring the idea that I'm not really a REAL runner, just kinda playing at it, and I'm waiting for someone to find that out.  After a run like today, maybe I need to rethink that.  T actually called me "hard core" when he dropped me off, and reminded me that it wasn't that long ago that I wouldn't even consider going for a walk in such weather.  

Perhaps I'll start this year off thinking, yes, I am indeed, a RUNNER.

5.21 miles, 10:55 pace

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