Friday, July 17, 2009

Trying not to freak out.

Last night was another TRG club race, again a 4 mile trail run through Martis Valley Wildlife Preserve. I considered skipping it (aren't I supposed to be tapering?) but opted instead to do the thing and just keep it slow -- this I can do! It was another great run -- I'm really happy I managed to swallow my fear and join this great group of very talented runners! My friend Andrew (he of the get-off-the-couch-and-run-a-1:42-trail-half-marathon fame, who's doing the same for Sunday's tri, getting off the couch and racing, I mean) came along for the first time. It was another good run, though very HOT, and I did the 4 miles in 46:57. The last time I ran this route a month ago, I really struggled on the (gently) hilly parts and throughout the run in general. I definitely felt improvement and took the whole race in stride, didn't stop for walkies even on the hills, and turned in a time 1 minute faster. Keeping Sunday in mind, I really didn't push at all and even reminded myself to (gasp) slow down on a few occasions. Nevertheless, I finished in my accustomed place, third from last with Bob and Bill following. I'm nothing if not consistent!

Even though all I really wanted to do was remain consistent and join everyone for pizza and beer as usual, Andrew managed to talk me into heading out to Donner Lake for some last-minute training. We practiced transitions, and I tried to tell Andrew what little I know about triathlons, those things I wished someone had told me when I started. Namely, don't freak out, really plan your transition area well, get your ears wet and some swimming in before the start, pee in the wetsuit, start getting the wetsuit off while still in the water, PREPARE TO BE DIZZY!, dry your feet, don't freak out, use BodyGlide, and don't forget your helmet. Don't draft. Spin yer legs before the bike-to-run transition. Use sunscreen. Eat right and stay hydrated. Know where the portapottys are. And don't freak out. (I think the freaking out part is more my issue than Andrew's. Still.) We then went for a maybe 400-500 yard swim (which felt GREAT after the hot run!) and called it a night.

So maybe I'll take a little 2 mile jog 'round the neighborhood on Saturday, otherwise that's it. Sunday looms.

I'm a little nervous here. *Gulp*

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