Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Boggs Mountain positively looms!  On the one hand, I am very nervous about this race, and think I'm quite justified in being thus.  Consider:

The longest I've run is 26.2.
In the past 2.5 months, I have only run about 50% of my scheduled runs.
These translates to about 60 miles a month.
I'm going to run 30 miles in a day.
2010 is the first year that I've truly run long distances.
4400' of elevation gain.
And loss.  As Windnsnow suggests, I just might thrash my quads.

On the other hand, I am stoked.  Rightfully so.  Consider:

When I DO get on with my long runs (and they're often long; I don't do many 3 mile runs anymore.  I don't know if this is a bad thing or a good) I've been running, kinda . . . effortlessly.  I did 20 miles recently, and whilst it was slow (4:42 moving time, not counting all the fiddling and standing around time, which was considerable) it was pretty easy and enjoyable.  I suffered a bit around 16-18 miles, but I'm finding that's pretty usual for me there, and I perked up nicely right after.  I feel light on my feet and strong on my legs and capable of running long distances.

I run hills pretty much all the time now.  I'm not running up mountainsides or anything, but my average 10 mile run encompasses about 1200' elevation gain, regularly.  Hills slow me down, but don't take it out of me.  I think I can handle the terrain without any big problems.  I think.

I am completely unconcerned with time.  If it takes me 10 hours to finish, so be it.  If I hurt, I'll walk.  If I break, I'll dnf.  Pretty much any outcome is completely acceptable to me.

I'm hoping the facts that I'm very slow and very easy on myself, and feeling just on it and fine physically,  add up to me having a fun, safe run on Saturday despite being so undertrained.  I feel solid and confident.

What's the worst that could happen?
That's rhetorical.  Please don't answer!


Terri said...

I hope you have a good run Saturday - please let us know how it goes. And, please don't be so stubborn that you seriously hurt yourself, okay?

Pam said...

I'll be thinking about ya when I'm out there running my measley little half marathon Saturday. Have fun!!! :D

Iron Mike said...

You can walk 30 miles in less than 10 hours, so I think you'll do a tad better than that.
I'm just thinking fuel. Feed yourself sugar, electrolytes and stay hydrated, and you just might cruise through miles 16-18, too.
And wear good socks!

Gretchen said...

Have fun, take it easy, eat food, and have fun. Seriously, attitude is the most important, and you have a good one.

Good luck, I know you can do it!

Lisa said...

Oh I think you will do fine. You'll smoke the hills. You said it yourself during Nike that you train in elevation and run hills all the time. You got this in the bag.

I think you should wear a tutu :)

Good luck and have fun (which I know you will).

Lisa said...
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Windnsnow said...

I have no doubt you will finish comfortably. But you may wish you had an epidural on the day after.
If you can find an icebath or an icy lake or an iceberg or something cool like that get to it as soon as you can after the race.
You'll be great.
But don't do it in 10 hours, all the pretzels will be gone.
Thanks for the shoutout, btw.

funderson said...

No breaking allowed! I know you'll go out there and kick some good slow butt!!!