Saturday, October 16, 2010

Routine run

I STILL have been running less than I'm scheduled, but I've been doing better. The fatal flaw is when I'm down in Marin for my week of work. Getting motivated to run at all in between busy 12-hour night shifts has proven increasingly difficult for me. I did well when I had (for a brief time) a running partner, but left to my own devices I just decide to lay in bed a little longer.

When I'm home, I do fine. The other day, after not having run for a week, I went and cracked off a nice 17 miler. This was surprisingly easy to do, and the "easiness" gives me hope that I will be able to complete my ultra in two weeks without too much difficulty. (Hah! It might actually take me two weeks!). Oh, I know that 17 does not equal 31, but let me delude myself a little while longer.

I ran the Emigrant Trail, site of many long runs for me. I usually leave my car at one end and get dropped off at the other (I'd show a map, but I'm writing this on my phone and that's just way too complicated). Depending on exactly where you park, you're either in for 8.5 or an 11 mile run. This time, I parked -- and doubled it, for my 17 miler. A lovely Tahoe day.


Tricia said...

sounds like a lovely run

Iron Mike said...

Wow, if THAT was my backdrop, I'd drop 31 easy.
Remember, mentally you're running 31 miles, but afterwards, you ran a 50K. Even for people who don't know the metric system exists, it just sounds so powerful.
That is a bummer another good running partner hasn't just popped into your life, you really need to get the last girl back!

Runners Fuel said...

Very pretty out there.

Ewa said...

Sounds like you had a great run and that's what counts. You will do great on your 50k.