Sunday, January 23, 2011

2011, Let's Do This!

So today I've been putting some thought into what 2011 might look like, race-wise.  It's a little hard to do this, to even think about me running, since I haven't really run since December.  I know, however, that this will soon be changing AND I know that, unless I have some damn goals, I'll just languish around, running little runs whenever I feel like it and not a bit more, and I'll end up fat and out of shape by May. Taking into consideration the fact that I probably won't be running without some kind of limits  until March, here's what I've come up with.  

March 5  Great Ski Race
This oughta be real interesting.  A 30K XC ski race that's a local classic.  Hopefully I can ski by then, otherwise DFL here I come. 
April 2 Pardee Party
This is a 25K bicycle road "race" that's really just an excuse to get back in touch -- after the winter season -- with Tom's mt. bike peeps and have a party and listen to live music and sleep in the truck and get on with Spring.  Tom and I will be on the tandem.
April 16 Cycle for Sight
See above paragraph, but maybe we'll do the 50K.
June 4-5 Reno-Tahoe Odyssey Adventure Relay
My "A" race, so far.  I'll be on a team of 10 women, and will have 3 legs of the 178 mile route.  Everyone says this is just the best thing ever, and I'm really looking forward to trying a new race experience.  I know ONE woman on the team.  

So what follows is just speculation.  I really have no idea yet, "after June" is just so far off.  I've picked these races based solely on location; they're all pretty damn close to home.  I've decided that anything over the 13.1 distance should be on trails (I've kinda had it with roads, and they with me).  I know I want to do 2 50Ks this year -- I want to get nice and comfy with that distance.  I know I fill in the calendar as time draws closer.  I can't race whenever I want, 'cause I work every other weekend.  I am COMPLETELY open to suggestion, if any of you know of any other "can't be missed" races that are in the west, please leave a comment.  And, here's a question, are there ANY (trail) 50Ks that don't have huge (>4,000ft) elevation gains?  I'm still just a little hung up about hills, I know I have to (and will) get over it, but still.  Anyone?

April 30: Parkway Half Marathon, Sacramento-ish
This is on a bicycle path, and reasonably (I assume) flat.  I might, just might, try to PR this distance (2:21 or something).  A girl's gotta dream . . . 
July 23: Golden Gate Trail Run (5k, Half, 30k, Full Mary, 50K), Marin Headlands
Who knows which distance?  Probably the 50K.  Advantage: I could train on some of these trails.  Disadvantage: Lots of elevation gain, over 5,000 feet.  Get OVER this, you-wanna-call-yourself-an-ultrarunner, Bootchez!  
Sometime in October: Goblin Valley 50K, Green River, Utah
Funderson suggested this.  I can't find a date, so I don't know about the work-conflict thing.  If it falls on an off-weekend, I'm almost certainly up for it.  If it doesn't -- as I'm afraid of, based on last year's date -- I might still do it.  I'm already taking time off for the relay race, so what's another week?  And it would be fun to actually do a race WITH someone.  
October 1: Gold Country 34M/21M/25K/8 Mile Run, Auburn
Very close to home, all of those distances, what's not to love?
October 15: Rock'n River 50 Mile & Trail Marathon, Auburn
Definitely the marathon distance (50 miles = so far off!).  Might be a can't miss date, if the Utah thing doesn't pan out.  Difficult, on lots of Western States trails, would be a challenge!
Nov 12: Folsom Trail Runs 50K/25K/7M
Again, a few distances to choose from, close to home.  
Probably some kind of Death Valley/Ridgecrest/Southern California thing in December
Because I always do something like that in December.  This year, I might just stage my OWN little race . . . 

That's it.  Subject to change.  Open to suggestion.  Ready to kick ass.  Prepared for DFL.  


Pam said...

That Pardee Party sounds like tons of fun. As for Golden Gate, go for the 50K! Be a badass!

Stuart said...

PCTR SMM in Nov is around 5k elevation if I can tempt you down south?

See.Kate.Run said...

Wow that is quite the list! I am excited to hear about these!! :)

Runners Fuel said...

The parkway 1/2 will be my 1st half marathon. Let me know if you decide to do it and we'll meet up.

funderson said...

I'm with you...the hills! Double Blech! JP wants me to go run a 25k in Fruita, CO in APRIL. I could barely manage the Sage Buner 25 we did last year at the end if MAY. Seriously, I need an older running buddy, she's going to kill me.