Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Year End

OK, I guess it's obligatory, the whole year-end post, cute pictures and witty captions, wry musings on what transpired in 2010, followed by thoughtfully optimistic goals and hopes for the 2011, all wrapped up in a timely, sentimental bow of self awareness, self improvement and deeper understanding of oneself, others and the surrounding environment.

Bootchez style?

A week late and a post (or 3) short.

In 2010 I ran 798 slow, klutzy miles.
In 2011, I might run 1,000 of them.

Thanks for stopping by!


Pam said...

LMAO You never fail to crack me up.

Iron Mike said...

Between marathons and ultras, I think you'll have no problem hitting that goal. 1000 miles of potential stomach issues to follow, excellent

Anonymous said...

Short and sweet! Love it! :) Good luck!

funderson said...