Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Problem

My linkage problem is not what I thought it was.  All of the Picasa album photos are fine; it's the ones I (maybe uploaded directly? took with my phone? I'm not quite sure what the commonality is) DON'T have in my album that are broken.  Where had they been living?  I dunno.  Why did they go away?  This I dunno either, though I'm pretty damn sure I did SOMETHING to screw it all up.  That's my way!

In any case, now I have to laboriously go through, post by post, my entire blog, find missing pictures, (if I can even remember what the damn thing was), look for it in my hard drive or, most likely, my phone, then re-upload it.  Huge pain in the ass, and I'm sure I still don't have all of the photos, maybe 90%?  It all needs some reconstruction.  Aaahh!

Thanks for the tips, everyone.  I'm sure this was NOT Blogger's fault, just mine.  My whole damn computer has had to be revamped, software and storage-wise, again NOT because of anything that IT did, but rather because of my own damn foolishness and propensity to happily click on buttons just for fun.  In the end, I've ended up with my computer very neatly organized (I didn't actually lose any files) and running like a top.

What happened with the blog, I don't know.  I've been moving and deleting and retiring lots of files, and can only imagine I've screwed up somehow with the blog pix (though I thought they were all online, so . . . I just don't now).  So I guess the re-linking of pictures, where possible, will be an ongoing project for me.  Happily, it's not all of the pictures, just some.  Like I said, pain in the ass, I won't bore you with any more details.

Now, back to my regularly scheduled lack of posting . . . !


Iron Mike said...

Enjoy your post-free bliss.

Um, this person I believe has a similar current problem:

Maybe get in touch?

I'm not sure how you were uploading these pics, but I looked at your links, and in my humble opinion, it has nothing to do with YOUR PC or PICASA-anything. Rather if you were uploading your PICS to BLOGPRESS or something cute like that, I think they are to blame.

Good luck!

See.Kate.Run said...

Sorry to hear about your pic troubles! I hope it all is found and figured out.