Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Awesome and Pathetic

Awesome is the new Truckee Community Recreation Center, complete with this very cool suspended indoor running track:

I like the desk on the corner (doesn't it really look out of place?), complete with hand sanitizer and kleenex.  I'm especially fond of the kleenex, because my nose just runs and runs and runs when I exercise -- I think it would be frowned upon if I were to blow snot rockets left and right inside.

Pathetic is my first attempt at running here.  I forgot my inhaler at home -- this, coupled with the fact that I really haven't run in something like 3 weeks meant that I was a wheezing, tight chested mess within a half mile (6 times 'round the track!).  After 2 miles I had had it and took my sad coughing ass back home.

I did manage an afternoon yoga class (no farting! I was kinda disappointed).

I'm off to a GREAT start!


Anonymous said...

Well that's great and all ... but that means 12 times around the track is one mile? Yeesh! No thanks, I'd rather run on a dreadmill, how can you even get speed going around in tight little circles like that?

Bootchez said...

Really, it's not as bad as you might think. I don't much have to worry about "getting speed" because, well, I'm ME, and it really is much more of a square with rounded corners than a circle. I run on a treadmill about a half mile, and that's it I'm done. I think I could put in a relatively easy 5 miles on the track without getting too too bored. We'll see.

What I really need to do is grow a pair and get outside, cold or no.

funderson said...

NO snot rockets! Good grief, woman! Just go outside for sure. I really enjoy winter running. You can't beat the surface of packed snow(as long as you've got some spikes or something), its quiet and pretty. Also, the added bonus that I enjoyed this weekend...a frost beard! So attractive on a lady...your sweetheart won't be able to resist you! Once your face freezes up its not so bad...it keeps the wind out.

Formulaic said...

The track looks fun. It takes a lot to get around the track, but if you think that it works for your then I say go for it.

2 miles when you feel like crap is awesome. Way to stick through it!

ShirleyPerly said...

That track is very similar to the one I ran an indoor marathon on last year! I wish I had brought some kleenex though as my nose runs too. At least they had big garbage where we could spit and launch snot rockets. Glad you have such a nice facility available through the winter.