Sunday, December 13, 2009


Home to four feet of snow in the driveway, a six foot burm, a new-to-
us snowblower that underperforms, a tree across the road taking down
power and phone lines, no power, no Internet ... Happily, after a few
(!) hours of shoveling, we cleared the driveway enough for the truck
to fit (just), the power came back on maybe ten minutes after we
finally called it quits and headed indoors, the fallen tree did no
damage (even though it did fall partially in our yard) -- and we even
hacked off the top and now have a Christmas tree!

So now I sit in my pleasantly warm home, freshly showered and in comfy
clothes, STILL typing crappy blog entries from my phone, no other
Internet (damn!!!), contemplating future blog entries, studying
vacation photos, so glad to be home after the snowy drive here from
Bishop! I'll try to get some interesting posts up in the next few
days, get caught up with everyone elses' blogs, get my fat ass back
into the gym and the yoga studio, and try to remember how I managed to
run in this weather last year. I've got nothing on my training
schedule for the next couple weeks, but my training plan for the
marathon starts right after christmas.

Reality check!!

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Lisa said...

Welcome home! What you just posted is why I could NEVER live where it snows. Well that and I hate the cold weather lol. Glad you got power back and some heat.