Friday, December 18, 2009

Trying to get the blogging thing together

Jeepers, I am CONSTANLTLY thinking Oh!  should write a blog post about . . . . whatever, yet it doesn't seem to be happening.  Certainly the past month of limited internet access has had an impact, as well the fact that my plan of constant iPhone postings kinda went out the window with a. the annoying need to type on that tiny little keyboard and b. the fact that any post from said phone was either misformatted (wtf with the linebreaks?) and/or would refuse to post both texts and photos (and unpredictable about it to boot), thus causing lots of carefully typed writings to poof! disappear.

Now I'm back in Marin, and while I have my computer, plus access at work, I don't have internet where I live so I still have plenty of excuses reasons while it's still difficult. Waah waah waah, I know.

Also, I am taking a break from running for a bit.  I finished the last half happily, did a few runs here and there after that, but don't start my marathon training till the week after christmas.  I decided a week or three of minimal (if at all) running just to give my ol' bod a little break would be a good idea.  I dunno if that's part of the "training" that runners do, but I have taken up to 2 or 3 months off every year (that winter stuff is a BITCH) and feel that I have been the better for it.  So pretty much no running for me until dec 28 or somewhere's around there.

Meanwhile, I am trying to get caught up with my Google Reader (400 posts? is that possible?) and back to commenting on everyone's posts.  I have over 500 (!) pictures from my road trip, and will work on putting together some posts with those as the backbone, 'cause MAN O MAN did I see some lovely sights, and had a great time to boot.

So whilst the scarcity of posts of late might appear to be an indication that I am loosing interest in this thing, nothing could be further from the truth.  First I think I'll get caught up on what everyone else has to say, then I'll try to get caught up on what I have to say.

I'll be back!

Oh, and check out Rachael's blog, where she's got a cool giveaway going, and because she's got a great, funny, inspiring bit of blogging to read.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

beat ya to the facebook thing, so you don't have to blunder around. no one likes a blunder-er ... haha!

mailing your xmas card today ...

lotsa luck with the giveaway, you have 4 entries now, yay!

funderson said...

I'm all for a winter running break! Enjoy..

Anonymous said...
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Stuart said...

Sometimes we just need a break, as they say a change is as good as a rest!