Thursday, December 10, 2009

The past week (text version)

... has been spent in my favorite little place on earth. Hopefully
there's a photo here!

I just returned to cellphone range (temporarily, anyhow) after a week
of communication blackout ... Aaaahh, relaxation!

Short, sweet update ... Death Valley Half? PR, baby, at a blazing
(unofficial) 2:20! Death Valley?? I love the dessert more and more
every time I go. Lots of 4 wheeling, hot spring visitation, fine food
and beautiful vistas.

I hate typing these on the phone, mostly because every time I post to
the blog it does either texts or photos but not both. So I'll save
race reports and lotsa photos in the next fivesix days, plus omigod
I've probably got hundreds of posts to read! I will, and, by the way,
I'm not dead!!!

(a few people thought I was. Sorry, guys!)


funderson said...

NICE job! It sounds like SO much fun.

Lisa said...

A 2:20 half? Congrats! I'm so jealous, err I mean envious lol.