Sunday, December 27, 2009

What tomorrow brings

This coming week signifies the end of my self-imposed physical break, and the beginning of my marathon training.  Tomorrow morning I am getting my shit together and making a commitment to some serious (2+ times a week) bikram yoga, plus break my running fast with a little 3-miler.  I don't feel like I'm rarin' to go or anything but I do feel as though I've been missing a little something in life, maybe a little anxious to DO something physical.  I certainly haven't been missing any meals or anything, as my waistline will attest to, so I guess that adds to the anxiousness as well.

I'm starting to think of 2010 and what goals I'll have for the year, running and otherwise.  I am not much for New Year's resolutions (and, in fact, hate the holiday so intensely that I would MUCH rather spend it tending to puking drunks of all ages in the ER than do almost anything else) but I think I'll be preparing a goal list anyhow, because somehow writing things down and then letting the world (or whoever!) know about them does seem to make it that much realer and maybe make it that much likelier that I stay committed to the goal.

Or not.

I have already committed to my very first goal, running a 10 for '10 10K on January 1st, a virtual group run being hosted over at Of Running and Parenting.  This seems like a good way to start!


funderson said...

I'm with you in the hatred of the New Year "holiday". I just don't get it? I'll take the paid day off however. I DO always run on New Year's just feels clean to do so.
I'm SO excited to hear about your marathon training!
Thanks for the bread congrats and your splendid idea about decorating the Yamahas...brilliant!

Lisa said...

I'm not a goals making and broadcasting it to everyone person either but this time I want to accomplish my goals like nothing I have ever wanted so yeah, broadcasting them to the entire world will make me accountable. Cuz I'm sure everyone would be devastated if I didn't you know.

So exciting about marathon training!