Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Plans for 2010

A little late off the starting block, here's my plans for 2010 . . .

I'm hoping that this is the year I finally become a Real Runner.  3 years under my belt, and I still feel like I just get out there and flail around, full of slow and full of klutz.  I don't think either of these axiomatic truths about myself will really ever change  -- maybe I can speed it up a little, but I'm not interested in an undue amount of suffering and dying, and therefore not interested in running 8 minute miles.  I'm not interested in falling down either, but I *DO* that, and at least it's kinda funny.  Sometimes.

So I think I'm going for distance.  I *THINK* I can do distance.  Like, serious distance.  Like, really serious distance.  Like, I may be fooling myself, but check this out:

Bidwell Classic Half Marathon, March 6 (Chico, CA)
Rock n' River Marathon, May 2 (Reno, NV)
High Sierra 20 Mile Trail Run, May 15 (Bishop, CA)
Celebration of Life Women's (sprint) Triathlon, September 19 (Grass Valley, CA)
Marin County (olympic) Triathlon, October 31 (San Rafael, CA)
High Desert 50K(!!), hopefully December 5 (Ridgecrest, CA)

This is a starting list.  I know more races will fill in a lot of the blanks, plus there's my running club, local races, and races of fellow bloggers that make me jealous and I just gotta join in.  I've thrown in a coupla tri's, even though I'm geting less interested in multisport stuff as time goes on, I think having a few in there will help with cross training and being a stronger runner.  I'm going to run the celebration of life triathlon FOR somebody, actually doing some fund raising (SO not my thing, but), and I really really enjoyed the Marin tri, so I think those two will probably be it for tri's.  This might change . . . but I doubt it.

Oh, yeah, and last on the list?  If I don't die training for (or running in) the marathon, I'm throwing my hat into the ultra running field.  There, I said it, therefore it will come true.  Oboy!

In other areas, I'm totally committed to at least 2 and better would be 3 yoga classes a week, harder than it may seem because I'm only home a little more than half the time.  I think I can pull this off.  Also, right now I weigh 152 -- I'd like that to be 140 by March, but as I refuse to actually d.i.e.t. (on moral grounds, as in -- it is immoral to deny myself those little treats I want so much) this might be a little hard to reach.  I'm hoping with the increased milage and the regular yoga classes, the pounds might just melt off, but as I'm over 40 those days may be gone for me.  I also want to be more consistent with the blogging thing (don't hold your breath), brush up on my Spanish, spend some time playing banjo, and keep my car cleaner.

I seriously doubt anything in that last sentence is actually going to stick, but I'm all on board with the previous items.  C'mon, 2010, this is the year!


Anonymous said...

Yay! We'll have to meet up at the Bidwell Classic! I'm not running the half because the following week I'm doing the Shamrockin' Half in Sacramento, but I'll be doing the 5K I'm pretty sure :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming by my blog! I love the 'never-been-an-athlete-until-I-discovered-running-at-40' runners! :-) We rock!

Good luck with your goals this year ~ I think about ultra running too, down the road - I'm a distance girl, not a speedy girl. Gotta get that first 26.2 under my feet first though!

I stopped 'dieting' a year ago - just kept moving, cross training (discovered ROWING) and started just eating better to fuel the body. M&M's at 3:00pm did not make for a good run at 6:00!
Run smart, eat smart, have fun - the rest takes care of itself!


funderson said...

You've run for 3 years and haven't stopped...I'd say you're a "real runner"! Only egomaniac ass-hats think you have to be fast to be a real runner.
I LOVE the idea of the distance, though, as I also enjoy it. I've signed up for my first 25k and I'm also looking forward to a 50k sometime in the future??
Looking forward to hearing about your 2010 adventures!

Denise said...

You put it in writing!! Woo hoo...Ultra world!! You'll get there and with all those races lined up, um, I think you are already a "real" runner.

Denise said...

Oh, and I'm in Philly. The "altitude" comment was referring to the Tahoe triple I mentioned. The altitude for those marathons is insane.

ShirleyPerly said...

I am definitely more a distance person than a speed person. And I'm sure I'd be a lot slower running at the altitudes you do.

Best of luck to you in 2010!!