Monday, January 18, 2010

San Quentin run

I managed to run in Marin!  Running while in the midst of a slew of 12 hour night shifts has proved to be near impossible for the last six months, though I managed to do it before then  I have been over successful in convincing myself to just roll over and get another hour's sleep, time after time.  This tactic in NOT going to work during marathon training, though, so I knew I was going to have to HTFU. I managed to do this yesterday, and cracked off an 8 miler before work, under my target pace no less, and came in at 1:33. Not bad. The run was fantastic, as I discovered a whole new place to go right ou the front door. Now I had run previously in the same general area -- paved bike paths through residential areas, parks and whatnot. On the advice of my Marin roommate, I took a left instead of a right And found myself on flat dirt paths headed in all sorts of directions. I very rarely run on anything flat, so I was digging it. The scenery was pretty spectacular as well, so I was in a bit of running heaven. Not heaven?  The picture above, taken smack dab in the middle of the run--San Quentin Prison. We see a lot of these prisoners in the ER and, well, it's not a very nice place, despite the view.

So I was going to get out there today and repeat the feat but disaster! Gary the Garmin was left on and done ran out of juice.  I am using this as an excuse to stay in bed and laboriously type blog posts on my iPhone.  Lame!  I should be disgusted with myself, but it's quite amazing how I can use the least excuse to justify my laziness while bogged down in my week o'work.

Oh, and it's raining too!

Having said all of the above, I do think I need to get out there, if not for the 9 miler I should be doing, then at least for one of the simple 3 milers on my schedule, as this week is a busy one of lots of travel, and a probably impossible running schedule (more on that later).

So I'm hoping I press send and get the fuck out of bed and HTFU and go out for a run even in the rain even without Gary, it's only 3 miles. There's a high chance that I'll just roll over and get another hour, because that's the way I roll. Over.


I rolled over . . . and out of bed. I ran a nice 4 miles in about 45 minutes. I'm so glad I did. Yay me!


ShirleyPerly said...

Funny the excuses we come up with to skip workouts. Good for you going Garmin-free!!

funderson said...

HA! I have the solution...ditch the Garmin entirely and you don't have to worry about it!
I HAVE been wondering, though, you live in the they work very well in the hills?

Anonymous said...

I'm in utter fear of the day I have an 8 miler on the schedule to do between 12's ... right now I'm looking at some hill repeats and 2 milers between shifts. But 8 miles? uck ... no thanks. I did 6.5 before my first 12 on and it went alright, but inbetween!?! It'll come one day, but not for a bit I believe...