Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Winter Triathlon

All the fun of last week has apparently showed up in my waistline.  Not only did I not lose any weight for the 20/20 challenge I joined over at Quadrathon, I'm the only pasrticipant who GAINED any weight . . . 1.97% of my body weight!  I suck at this dieting thing.  Not that I'm dieting, but tell me, why does a week of serious travel, no exercise and lots of good food make one gain 3 pounds?


I'm off on a better start this week, and yesterday completed a little Winter Triathlon . . . I skied Squaw in the morning, ran 3 miles at the indoor track (roundandroundandround!), then did a Bikram Yoga class.  Whew!

I learned a good lesson, which is not to Yoga right after a Run.  My back was aching in class, and by the end of it I felt so arthritic I could barely move.  This is not usual for me, and I'm blaming it on the running, which is hard on my spine.  I have ran and then yoga'd on the same day, but not with just 20 minutes in between.  Definitely a mistake.

I woke this morning feeling much more limber, and headed off for another morning's skiing.  The nice thing about living near a ski area and holding a season's pass is that if you're just not feeling it, for whatever reason, you can bail and head back home after a few runs without feeling like you're not getting your money's worth.  This is what we did, and then I've spend the rest of the day napping and filing taxes and not getting much else done.

Tomorrow I've got a 10-miler on deck, and I'm contemplating whether to head to Reno or brave the Tahoe elements.  Unless it's really nasty out, I think I'll be running from home.

Best of all, I'm looking forward to it!


funderson said...

I always dread the snowy runs but end up enjoying them. I don't know why I can't get over that initial getting out the door hump, though.
Good luck on the ten-er!

Anonymous said...

Skiing? Running? AND Yoga? Holy cow! You rock.

Thanks for coming over my way recently! We have much in common - we want to go the distance, and *whoa* I recently started googling crazy stuff like (shhh) ultra running? What is it with us adult-onset athletes? We become REAL RUNNERS and suddenly we can do anything!

Yep, we can! If and when you start penciling in or pondering an ultra-like race - let me know! I may have to jump on the bandwagon with you! Gotta get that first 26.2 though...after that, I'm game for anything!

ShirleyPerly said...

Interesting triathlon. Skiing and running sounds like it'd be similar to biking and running so maybe yoga should go first like swimming?

Anyway, hope you're able to get the 10-miler in close to home.