Monday, May 23, 2011

My morning

So it's been a little difficult to blog, due both to Internet issues (now non existent) and Bootchez laziness issues (always existent). We have made it out of Athens and are now in amazing Santorini. Right now we are on our deck overlooking the Aegean Sea and omymy, I'm just in heaven. Check out our view:

((because I said Internet probs nonexistent, the photo wouldn't post. I'm blaming it on BlogPress, though. Damn. Imagine beautiful, world class view, fancy people doing yoga, dogpuke. Sorry!)

Taken just now. Wow. On the little deck below us, some group of tourists (and this place is crawling with them) is doing a yoga class. Five minutes ago one of the stray dogs (plentiful in Athens, less so -- but still present -- here) ambled over to the class, laid there, got up and vomited -- twice. Right in front of the class. Giving new meaning, I suppose, to Downward Dog. Upchuck Dog?

Sure, I can manage not to blog for days and days, but as soon as a dog pukes, I'm all over it! (the instructor covered it up with an overturned plant pot).

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Ewa said...

I love Santorini. Went there many years ago but missed the dog puke, darn. :)
I am not sure about Truckee but some regions of Tahoe got snow (again). One thing you will not get there.