Saturday, May 21, 2011

Oh, sorry!

Sorry about the last post! Man, I was pissed! It was such a looong post! Remember, save and save often. I think the network timed out? I dunno but I'm mad at BlogPress because it sure acted like it was saving.

Anyhow, I did what any good runner will do, and I went out for a run. There's some really nice trails right out the back of the hotel. I ran some, I picked some flowers, see?

Then I came back to the hotel, showered, and bought myself some of that wine out of the vending machine, see?

So now I'm feeling better. I'm sitting here at the red table in the little hotel lobby because, even though it was advertised as such, it does NOT have wireless in the room. If I were paying for the room, I'd complain, but I'm not so I'll cope.

Speaking of the hotel, the company Tom's working with booked us into a place he hasn't stayed before, the Hacienda Hotel. Yah, we come all the way to Switzerland to stay in a "Mexican" hotel. Before we left, Tom and I had a bet: on a scale of 0-10, with 0 being Holiday Inn and 10 being, oh, any Mexican restaurant in America, exactly how kitchy would this place be? I went with a six; Tom, whose been to Switzerland numerous times, chose a more reserved three. Actually, we were both wrong. With the exception of the requisite sleeping Mexican etched into the glass doors . . .

. . . (well, perhaps not so visible in the photo but I ain't going back upstairs, trust me it's there), it's like . . . Ikea. Like a -1, maybe.

And see how thick the cement walls are? It's like a fucking bomb shelter. Hence, no Internet in the room. The people in the next room could be having an orgy and we'd be none the wiser. There's NO airflow, and it's tiny in there (also, twin beds!), but again, it's comped, so I'm happy.

Though still pissed at the internets.

Ok, did I actually break the internets? Now I can't even sign on. If you're reading this, it means I've actually gone UPSTAIRS and am sitting in the hallway, the HALLWAY! signing onto the network that's supposed to work in the room (but doesn't). The freaking PHONE can sign on, but the iPad can't. Meaning you might not see another post from me till Saturday, when I actually might have some access. I'll just post this, write a bunch, and post it when I can. I take back the "sorry".

I'm still drinking all the wine, and might buy myself another bottle even.

Note: this post is a little old. My "lost" and redone post is a few deep back there, it posted for the day I typed it, not the day I posted it. It is called Route of the Counts, so check it out. Who knows where this one will post. Now I have SOME email access, but not the best. Traveling, you know. Had a great run yesterday, will get to that. Arrived this evening in Athens, within spitting distance of the Acropolis, oh my oh my. Just had an awesome meal, and now relaxation time. I'll be in touch, with yesterday's fun time and all the fun to be had in the coming days. Thanks, folks!


Lauren said...

The humanity! No internet. Yikes. I have been known to sit in Jack n'the Box parking lots to get internet when out of town.

How cool to run in another country though. Nice flowers.

funderson said...

stupid interwebs..
awesome vending machine wine!