Saturday, May 14, 2011

On the launch pad!

What's the point of this photo?

Let's see, is it to highlight the shoes? Just your average pair of trail running shoes, right? That's what I've thought, lo these six months they've been hiding in the back of my closet, patiently waiting for the snow to melt so they could feel the trail once again. Look closer, as I failed to do, and you might notice a few things. May I point out:

1. They are two lefts. Whilst I have been accused of "having two left feet" I am, in fact, normal in some ways, and that includes having both a left AND a right foot.

2. Ergo, they are from two different pairs of shoes, as one can easily tell by noting the fact that one is blue and the other is green, if one were actually paying attention.

3. Which means, some time ago, I WAS NOT paying attention, you know, when I was gathering stuff for Goodwill, and I must have taken only ONE of my worn out trail shoes, matched it with ONE of my mostly brand new and very slightly used trail shoes, and then donated the fuckers, I guess to some one legged trail runners? Like, months ago. Therefore,

4. Highlighting the shoes must NOT be the point of the photo, because why? would anyone! *ever* (much less publicly) admit to not only throwing away a perfectly excellent -- and pricey!-- pair of running shoes, but also rendering them completely and utterly useless TO ANYONE at the same time? (also, writing sentences that are probably quite hard to read. oops)

So, the point of the photo?


To show off how nicely this morning's pedicure (suggested so wisely by Rose and Lauren!) covers up the oogy toe of the last post, of course.

No other point here, folks.

Tomorrow will find me on a plane -- for 15! hours -- headed for Switzerland.

I have plans for Switzerland. Fribourg, to be exact. I'm gonna go running through the countryside. I have whole bunch of runs planned, with topos and .gpx. I'm gonna be a running fool.

There's even one run where I get to stop and sample cheeses along the way.

Seemingly lots of cows are around, too.

Stay tuned.

stuart . . . i cannot get the earring image out of my mind, even a week laterr.  just, ewww!


misszippy said...

Oh no! Too funny, though. Have a great time in Switzerland...what a beautiful place to run.

DaysRun said...

This is why I don't donate any shoes. I'd make the same mistake! Unfortunately, the bottom of my closet looks like the shoe bunnies had a marathon mating session.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! This post cracks me up! The sentences were perfect. ;) And I'm so totally jealous of your running Switzerland trip!

funderson said...

Oh, my sister from another mother.. I've totally done the same thing at least once...