Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I have arrived in Switzerland! The trip was long, long, long, but happily uneventful. Tom has gone off to work on our first day here, and will be working long hours for the remaining four days we are here. What's a girl to do?

Well, first off, I'd better learn some damn French. I've travelled quite a bit, but NEVER alone internationally, so it's just a bit daunting. We are in the French speaking area of Switzerland, and while it seems that a good portion of the people speak at least a smattering of English, I feel waaay out of my depth. In fact, right now I am sitting on a bus, waiting for it to turn around and go back to the station because, well, it's the wrong damn bus. No worries, as we've just passed through some lovely countryside and I was able to see more of the area. It really is beautiful out here.

The lack of knowing the language is tough. It really makes me appreciate the small amount of Spanish that I have, because it is JUST enough for me to get by on the basics (in a spanish speaking country, natch) I am very much at a loss with French, though, and am super lucky that english isn't too much of a rarity. Also, Tom speaks pretty fluent German, so when he's around I'm covered. When he's NOT around, I just smile a lot.

Nevertheless, I'll make my way around. I've got train and bus tickets lined up for my first run, tomorrow, outside of Gruyere (Ooooh, like the cheese). It's a 17 km run through the countryside. Whilst this is not the run wherein I actually get to eat cheese, I'm sure it will be pretty spectacular. Two other very cool runs planned while I'm here, hopefully I don't screw up the public transportation again. I think I have it dialed in, though. This afternoon I've just "wasted" a couple of hours due to my own ignorance, but I did get some really nice views.

Tomorrow I will try to get my shit together, both with photos and mastering the train and bus. Meanwhile, Tom and his company have invited my out to dinner for tonight, and I'm looking forward to that. I may have an hour or so to squeeze in a run (assuming the bus I am NOW on is the correct one!) before then.

It was snowing when we left Tahoe, I am simply thrilled to be in this lovely spring weather!

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funderson said...

Nice! Enjoy your trip and SPRING!! (Snowing here again today...sigh....)