Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Last night was the awards banquet potluck marking the conclusion of the Underground Race Series of my local running club.  I was so lucky to stumble into this group of people earlier this year; this series of 9 very casual races really helped me at points where my motivation was lagging, and I met some great people, too.  Ultimately, the greatest lesson I learned through this series is that of Being Consistent.

I am not athletic or physically talented, nor graceful, adept, or swift by any means.  Truthfully, I don't really bring a lot to the running table.  However, surprising myself probably most of all, since I started running 2 years ago I have been pretty much consistent with it (with some notable exceptions).  Running hasn't been too far from my mind at any time since I began, even if I was only asking myself the question When am I going to start running again?  Certainly, my pace has remained consistent, and that, my friends, is slow indeed.  During this entire series, I have always been in the back of the pack, always the very last female finisher, and probably more often than not absolutely DFL.  So?

Look at all of the freakin' schwag I scored, just for showing up!

Perhaps I'm a little childish for reveling in these little victories but Hey!  Free stuff!  Not only did I win my age group (you had to participate in at least 6 races to be eligible to win, and I must've been the only 40-49 woman to do so 'cause we all know I suck), but also won for Most Races Completed.  Far out!

Not wimpy little prizes either, check it out: $20 certificate at a nice local restaurant, $25 certificate at a local wine shop, 3 pairs of running socks, a really nice klean kanteen water bottle and 2 tshirts.  I especially like the green one on the left; on the front it says Runners Own Up To It . . . and Who Fartlek'd on the back.  Hee!

I'll remember this little consistency lesson when I'm in the back, choking on everyone's dust.

No choking on dust yesterday, as it was raining/snowing/fucking cold and I found myself running my little run on a treadmill at the gym.  How do you people *do* this?  2.8 miles and I thought I'd give running up forever.  I was so unexcited not only did I not reach my goal of 4 miles, but I couldn't even do the 2.8 all at once, instead breaking it into 2 (before- and after-the-workout) sessions.

Winter is going to piss me off.


Lisa said...

You are lucky to have found a running group. I've sent two emails to local groups here and haven't heard anything. Sounds like the group you run with is pretty organized and you scored some cool swag. Yay you.

I totally agree about the winter weather and it doesn't even snow where I live. I just hate being sweaty in the cold weather. Makes the walk home from the trail C-O-L-D! Brr!

Love your attitude about your speed. You are still running and that's more than most people can do. Keep up the great work.

ShirleyPerly said...

That is some mighty nice schwag, indeed. The words on that green t-shirt cracked me up.

And I think those who run consistently are the ones who probably enjoy running the most. Hope you don't get stuck indoors too often.

Formulaic said...

Nice score! YOu captured a lot of swag! Definetly a proof that slow and stead wins the race.